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Oct 14, 2013 11:54 AM

Good restaurant for an awkward dinner

My two divorced parents are visiting me (I live in Brooklyn) on the same weekend. This will be the first time they're interacting with each other in a long time, and they're not particular fond of each other. Can anyone recommend a restaurant that would make this (probably extremely awkward) dinner the best it can be? Needs to be in Brooklyn, nice-ish, not small/sharing plates based, and ideally servers that really know how to guide a table. One is a pretty adventurous eater, the other not so much. help please!

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  1. Maybe Peter Luger. The surly waiters may be a distraction from any bad vibes at the table. Plus, the ensuing meat coma may lull them into happy oblivion, especially if you pay.

    Good luck.

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      1. maybe one of the old school italian places in carroll gardens -- marco polo comes to mind? calm atmosphere, not terribly adventurous, but the drinks are strong, the wine list good, which usually helps in tense situations.

        if you're willing to go a bit deeper into the borough, tanoreen in bay ridge and joe's of avenue u could also fit the bill, although tanoreen isn't quite as cozy or calming....i'm guessing atmosphere is as important as food in this instance, not fancy, but not bright, brassy or loud, because no one wants to shout in these instances.

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          So funny you should mention an old school Italian in Carroll Gardens because when I saw the subject of this I thought about our own awkward family dinner (hi Dad you have a fully grown grandson you never knew about) and it took place at Casa Rosa on Court Street. Good luck, really.

        2. Henry's End in Brooklyn Heights

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