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Oct 14, 2013 10:57 AM

Looking for in-house kosher catering for a synagogue/temple for under $80/pp.

Hi All, My fiancé and I are looking to get married in 2014 in the New York area. We've started our wedding venue search and are a bit disheartened. My sister had her wedding at Sephardic Temple and it was beautiful. I'm looking for an in-house caterer in a synagogue that is similar to Sephardic Temple's sanctuary skylight, high ceilings and natural light that comes in. I do not want to get married in Sephardic Temple as many of the same guests will be invited – and I would like to be ‘unique’ in our wedding. We are looking to stay under $80/per person for the meal. And we both would like to get married ideally in a synagogue. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Many thanks! -H

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    1. re: weinstein5

      We're located in New York. We're ideally looking in the New York area. But I think we are open to New Jersey if it comes down to it.

      1. re: Kallah2013

        Cong. Keter Torah in Teaneck NJ has a bright sanctuary with very high ceiling. Five Star is the in-house caterer. The mid-week special is $59/person, but weekends are more.

    2. Check out Woodbury Jewish Center.

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        It was actually on the places we looked into. But unfortunately, they do not have an in-house caterer at this time. There was a legal dispute with Morrell Caterers kashrut level and they are currently looking for a new in-house caterer. Any other suggestions?

        1. re: Kallah2013

          What about Shelter Rock Jewish Center? I never went to a wedding there so I have not seen the sanctuary but I can confirm that they have very good food and excellent service. (I was just there for a bat mitzvah).

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            I have been there for weddings but not for a while. I also would suggest The Great Neck Synagogue but I have no idea of their pricing.

            1. re: EmpireState

              We visited Shelter Rock. We liked them...but it would be a stretch for our budget right now.

        2. Are you looking for the $80/pp to be all in (including tax, service and various overhead such as the mashgiach) or just the quoted cost per person? My son got married in June and we found that we had to add 20% or so to the quoted price to cover all of those costs. If you are looking at $80/pp for the quoted cost then you may want to look at Temple Beth El in Cedarhurst (Seaview caterers). While the sanctuary doesn't have the skylight, it is impressive and beautiful with stained glass windows. The room where the reception and smorg was in was also very pretty and we found the caterers good to work with.

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          1. re: flo220

            I was there recently for a wedding; I was very impressed with the place. The dance floor was a bit tight, but otherwise, it was very nice.

            1. re: flo220

              We are looking for 80/per person for the quoted cost per person - and not with the additional fees. However, we have a budget of 35K that we would like to stay in. We visited Temple Beth El in Cedarhurst and felt that since we will only be having 150 guests the sanctuary will look very empty....

              1. re: Kallah2013

                Your concern about Beth El is very valid. Even though they try to close off some of the seats to push more of the people together, it is a huge sanctuary. We had 330 people and some of the photos show how few of the seats were actually occupied -- although from the chuppah looking out at the seats, it did not seem that empty.
                Are you set on a synagogue rather than a catering hall like Crest Hollow? If your wedding is in the spring or early summer, an outdoor ceremony can be very pretty -- although if it ends up being indoors then the chuppah room (just one of the halls they use for the chuppah rather than a dedicated room) is not very special.
                Also, the Vanderbilt in Staten Island is pretty -- although I don't know how it survived Sandy last year.
                Finally, there were a couple of temples in Roslyn that were pretty -- can't remember their names though.

                1. re: flo220

                  We'd prefer to get married in a synagogue. I'll take a look at Crest Hollow and Vanderbilt.

            2. I'm not sure about the price they charge, but Great Neck Synagogue has a lovely sanctuary. It is also quite large, but the room is sort of rounded, so I think it will be less obvious if the seats are not full.

              1. How frum are you guys? Do you need glatt?

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                1. re: tractarian

                  Yes, we will be needing Glatt Kosher.