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Oct 14, 2013 10:46 AM

Kosher Source for Packer Brisket

Does anyone know of a good source to get a packer brisket? Possibly online. I know of Grow and Behold and Kol Foods, but want to see if there any other sources. I live in Bergen county so anything brick and mortar would work as well/.

I asked in my local supermarkets but the prices were ridiculous.


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  1. I would think that both of those options will be more expensive than you classic brick and mortar options.
    What are your expectations for price? I think the lowest would be 9 to 10 bucks a pound. Maybe 8. I would go to best or maybe the new cedar market might be convinced to give u a nice price. Still, a kosher full packer is a pricey item to play with...but you will have meat for at least 2 weeks!

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      at some point we asked seasons on main streets in kgh, they said with prior notice they could provide it

    2. Ask any good butcher in the North east to put in the order for you (try giving him a week notice if need be) and you should be solid. I totally recommend going with USDA Choice, if you are able. Personally I prefer that to the fattier Prime or leaner lesser quality options. Teaneck should have plenty of options for you as well, especially with the new game in-town. If you find yourself in a bind, look me up as I generally have 1000lbs on hand and in production. g'Luck

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        I've seen it at Aarons in Queen's several times. Weights has been anywhere from 12 to 15 pounds and priced at 6.99 a pound.

      2. Can someone please explain what a packer brisket is? I love First Cut Brisket but absolutely hate the fatty Second Cut.

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          My understanding is that it's the whole brisket (1st & 2nd cut) with all the fat. Its cheaper to buy it whole because they don't trim any of the fat, and they don't have to cut it down any further.

        2. I like Alle. They are not always huge, but always have a fat cap. A lot of butchers buy briskets already trimmed of fat, directly from the packers. The packers do this as a service in the kosher market, because here it's an expensive cut of meat, whereas it's almost a throw-away in the nonkosher market. Unfortunately, in the kosher market, it wreaks havoc on smokers. The butchers think the consumer likes paying for meat rather than fat. Evidently, Alle has no compunction about selling fat. And USDA Choice to boot, rather than ungraded or lower grade.