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Oct 14, 2013 09:53 AM

Need help for reservation in Paris

I will be in Paris in some weeks and I would like to have two lunches. I will surely go to Pierre Gagnaire if I manage to get a table(booking for December is not available now).
Then for my second lunch I m thinking about L'Arpege. I have a few hesitations due to the mixed reviews I have read, some say it is magnificent, some give really bad reviews. I think the lunch is about 140. Can I dine in L'Arpege without wine? Do you think I ll feel comfortable as a (first time) single diner? I heard lunch is over 3 hours.
Instead of L'Arpege I consider L'epicure and Ledoyen to be my closest alternatives.

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  1. We were in and out of L'Arpege in less than two hours
    I have already written a negative review.
    Seems that regulars get special treatment.Our meal was just o.k. but we did see wonderful dishes pass by.
    Wouldn't recommend it
    we had lunch at Ledoyen several weeks ago, and were treated royally, and the meal was delicious
    110E, but this includes the cheese course.
    The servers were delightful, young, and perfect.
    Each course was described clearly,
    and they went out of their way to satisfy our vegetarian daughter.
    Much more relaxed atmosphere than I remembered.
    Will return in te Spring.

    1. A long lunch in Paris is one of the world's greatest treats. Don't let 3 hours worry you, even though you're on your own there will be plenty to look at!

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        and plenty of people who will speak with you. Don't bring a book!

      2. Thank you for your responses. Do you think I can find a table at Ledoyen without reservation? Maybe with 2 days notice?

        Do they ask for credit card when booking? Theis site is very minimal with just a phone.

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        1. re: Giannis

          they do not request a c.c.
          There were several tables for one when we were there, and they went out of their way to make them comfortable, even when a single lady requested all of the cheeses on the gigantic two tiered stand.
          She then requested a doggy bag, as well.
          He didn't even roll his eyes.
          Our lunch was over three hours of pure delight.

          1. re: Giannis

            You probably can find a table for one with a couple days notice, but why chance it? Reserve now. You can always cancel if you change your mind/plans.

            1. re: ChefJune

              Agree totally. What o what does one have to lose to reserve ahead ? What is this abject agony ?

              1. re: Parigi

                Or as lemarais put it so elegantly "What's the downside?"