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Oct 14, 2013 09:50 AM

Anywhere in Calgary I can get gourmet/homemade marshmallows?

After I started buying the big square fluffy handmade ones when I lived in Chicago, I just haven't been able to go back to the store-bought jet puffed kind. And now, hot chocolate season is upon us.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. From Googling because I was curious.
    No idea if they are any good or not.

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    1. re: cancowboy

      Thanks! I contacted her, they're made to order - I'll give it a try.

    2. Fiasco Gelato makes them. I've also seen homemade marshmallows at planet organic and cookbooks co

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      1. re: cellophane_star

        Oh thank you!! I love Fiasco and I often buy milk from Planet Organic... I'll check tomorrow! Thanks so much. :) I tried making them at home last night... it was a disaster, the non-pork gelatin I used was awful.

        1. re: IsoscelesJones

          Community Natural Foods sells pork gelatin. I just bought some but I was looking for beef!

      2. KRUSE'S BAKERY at Kingsland Farmers' Market has handmade marshmallow! The one I sampled has a little nutmeg- not my thing but certainly better than bagged.

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        1. re: plateofshrimp

          YES. They are made by Fiasco Gelato and they are great. They had the vanilla bean ones when I was there on Friday.