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Oct 14, 2013 09:33 AM

Gravity and Dinner! [San Francisco]

For our 18th Anniversary celebration, my husband and I are sharing in the planning. He chose the movie: Gravity at an IMAX theatre. And I get to choose the SF dining establishment on a separate night. I love fine dining but feel Atelier Crenn (have not been there) might be too hushed and fussy since we may be walking extensively in the afternoon--although we will bring a nicer change of clothes.

Open to anywhere in the city, but the criteria is very good food but not too "out there". Think American/french/italian but not too pedestrian. Gary Danko? Perbacco? Nopa? I love Absinthe ( but have only eaten at the bar), Bix (but have been many times) Zuni etc. Any great newer places you might recommend ?

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  1. AQ
    Bar Jules
    La Ciccia
    St. Vincent

    1. you might consider the bar at gary danko. you can order a la carte or share a single tasting menu, and the dress code is more relaxed, but it is still full of people celebrating special occasions.

      1. Quince. It is more hushed than say the clanging atmosphere at most SF restaurants -but of the high-dining restaurants I'd say it's the most relaxed in terms of noise level and attitude of servers (in a good way!). It has a formal enough atmosphere that you can dress up in suits and cocktail dresses, but you could also wear jeans and a fancy blazer and be OK.

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          quince is good.

          you might also try keiko's a nob hill.

          but i wouldn't say either of these places are less hushed and fussy than atelier crenn.