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Oct 14, 2013 09:25 AM

Kono Pizza (pizza in a cone) - Edison

Has anyone tried this? Looks like it might be good.

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  1. No but we are in NJ. This is one of basically two states where you can get decent pizza so I can't see this being that successful. LOL

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    1. re: corvette johnny

      Agreed. NJ people can be very sensitive -- and territorial, protective, etc. -- about their pizza; and that is because it has to do with the high quality of pizza available throughout NJ. I think it's the demographic, ethnic, nationality, etc. of NJ. Regardless, there's a lot to choose from for high quality pizza.

      Why would hard-core pizza afficianado's flock to this? They wouldn't. I'll try it. Do I think it's going to be the next greatest thing -- no, I do not. However, there's a potential market here, albeit perhaps small, and it might not be the die-hard, I love my pizza, traditionalist, type of pizza lover. I wouldn't say it's akin to the corn-dog and hot-dog -- and that's another NJ staple, where we have high quality hot-dog offerings, however, most hard-core hot-dog lovers and afficianado's are not corn-dog people...and I am one of them. I wouldn't buy a corn-dog, nor would I eat one if it were free, LOL, but that's just me.

      Who knows, some people might like this as an alternative -- but certainly not a replacement (for them). I can't imagining a pizza-lover abandoning pizza for the cone. Guess the question is will "enough" people like it as an alternative. LOL. Perhaps this would be a better "frozen food" kind of thing. I don't know.

      1. re: ELA

        My assumption here is this, pizza is not fast food friendly as much as other foods are. You can eat a burger on the run, drive etc., it's next to impossible to eat a slice of pizza and drive.

        So my assumption is this is geared more towards a drive through audience than a sit down eat lunch in audience. When you just HAVE to get your pizza fix in while driving.

        1. re: jrvedivici

          Having had one, I can say it wouldn't be drive friendly. You need to hold it upright and point your face down into it, taking your eyes off the road. A regular slice would be easier.

        2. re: ELA

          What about a kids birthday party? I could see this being a possible novelty for that.

          1. re: HillJ

            We stayed up in Warren last Friday Night for my (now) sister-in-law's wedding. So on Saturday afternoon, I was eating off a good old fashioned hangover. So naturally, the first stop (and luckily I was on the way down 287) was White Rose System. Which is always delicious and awesome.

            Then I figured I was right by Rt 1 so why not check out the pizza cone.

            I had discussed it with my boss also, and he had concerns that it would just essentially be a bread cup full of hot grease and sauce.

            So, I remember looking at the article on and said to myself "Hey, they must have the same designer as Let's Yo." (Chairs are red instead of green, but has the same vibe.)

            So when I get there.. much to my surprise, its attached to the Let's Yo. "Oh no, this is a franchise"

            So I ordered the Carne Cone, and the guy was nice, and it came out pretty fast.

            It seems like the "low moisture" mozzarella they use is similar that of the type Dominos and Pizza Hut Use, so there really wasn't a lot of grease like on a regular NJ slice made with Grande Cheese for instance. The cheese, toppings, and sauce were pretty dense.

            And I echo the comments here, that its pretty much tastes like a stouffer's french bread pizza.

            Its just a bread ice cream cone full of fake-tasting toppings.

            Was it whimsical and fun? Yes. Would I go back for it? No. Would I eat another pizza cone if it was like a stand in the mall or at a fair? Maybe. Do I consider it pizza? No.

            But for little kids who can't appreciate pizza, its a fun concept, and then you can go to let's yo next door.

            But I would say if you go expecting any kind of food worth eating, after sitting in the crazy jug handle traffic, just go the extra 300 feet to the banh mi place.

      2. Assuming they make it the same way here that they make it outside the US, it's good but not spectacular. I would be concerned how much it costs and how big it is for the money. There was a branch of this place in a shopping mall near our house in Tokyo for a year or so. Now they might have sized it for Japanese hands and appetites but it was the size of a small rolled-up jersey slice, maybe even a bit smaller. They developed a special machine that bakes them. The inside is roughly the same taste as a regular slice but a different mouthfeel since it's all bundled up and mixed together. And it stays hotter longer since it's denser and less exposed to air. I've lived in three different counties in this state and I can't say it is the equal of NJ slices but it may not have to be - if it is unique enough and not stupidly priced it might work for a while. Oh and yes you can eat it easily while you are driving once you get the hang of it (not that I recommend unsafe driving activities of course).

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        1. re: kamiosaki

          I finally stopped by (and also went to the Chinese place next door for some takeaway suijiao). Decent taste on the Kono, perhaps a bit expensive for the size. I had the guy put them in soda cups so they would sit better in the cupholders. I certainly hope they succeed. If they can make it here, etc...

        2. I've got to see this in person. I clearly remember reading about cone pizza maybe two years ago and wondered if it ever got off the ground...130 locations, amazin!

          I'll take my niece and check it out. I think it's hilarious.

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          1. re: HillJ

            Yesterday there was a horrific accident near Raritan Center, and with all the roads blocked off I ended up on Route 1 right by this place. The traffic was slow so I stopped in for one. It was OK. Seemed like a novelty snack you might get from Stouffers or Elios that you keep in the freezer. Agree with Corvette Johnny that it won't make much of a dent in the area's pizza business. The "combo" consists of pizza and a soda. lol.

            1. re: ebchower

              Oh my,eb. With 130 locations under its business belt I was hoping for a bit more. Novelty foods can work..even with plenty of competition BUT not just for novelty sake, right?

              1. re: ebchower

                Interesting point, wonder of they have plans for the US frozen food aisle. I guess they would need some sort of special holder to keep it upright while cooking, and it would have to be done in a full size oven...

                1. re: kamiosaki

                  I think that might be a potential target market -- frozen foods, microwave, whatever. We've seen these types of things before -- pizza pockets, pizza bites, and so on.

                  Not really sure where this one is going...but 130 locations? That's a lot. LOL.

            2. I have absolutely no interest in this. Sorry!

              1. With all these comments, I couldn't resist a visit. No, it wasn't all that great, but it is an Italian-owned chain that's far better than the pizza cones sold in Brazilian neighborhoods.

                The problem is that all this talk skips over something far more important; that Korean noodle shop a couple of doors down has been converted to yet another Chinese noodle shop. It's not like the area needs another one, but it's got an interesting menu with good soups and cold dishes.

                In most of the country, a restaurant like this one would be headline news, in Edison, it's just one more solid, authentic Chinese restaurant.

                I ate at both within a single hour.

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                1. re: BrianYarvin

                  You talking about the spot that Edison noodle house used to be in? I was sad to see that place go...I think HMart's food court killed it.

                  There's also a Ramen shop that opened up in the same plaza I've been wanting to check out. Have you been?

                  1. re: joonjoon

                    That's the spot! It was a good spot, but like you say, not as good as what's in Super H Mart.

                    As for the ramen shop, I tried it once and forgot about it. There are so many noodle shops in this corner of Edison!

                    1. re: BrianYarvin

                      Dang, had scheduled a visit to that one for the homemade noodles. How was the replacement's food?

                      1. re: chuck98

                        Nothing special by south Edison standards. Just another really authentic Chinese restaurant in one of the few spots in the state that's got plenty of them. It feels really strange eating Chinese food in a room decorated with Korean murals though.

                        That's life in Edison for you; when it rains, it pours.