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Oct 14, 2013 09:04 AM

Pho Broth

For some reason, the bowl of pho I remember most was at Pho Van (next to Din Ho). I don't eat pho all the time (as it used to define Vietnamese food, along with bun/vermicelli), but as winter approaches, I'd like to try more.

I do like bo bun hue (as discussed on another thread), but for straight up pho, who do you think has the most depth of flavor in the broth?

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  1. Best broth (and you can just get it to go if you like making your own pho) is Phonatic. Seriously my favorite pho I've tried.

    1. I love Pho Saigon and Pho Dan. Pho Saigon is in Chinatown Center, Pho Dan is across the street in the shopping center at the corner of Braker and Lamar with Rice Bowl in it.

      I need to try Phonatic. It's close to my house and I keep hearing great things.

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        I've heard good things about Phonatic from my Taiwanese friend (he also took me to Rice Bowl). We can meet there one day. Amysue, you can just get the broth to go?

        1. re: rudeboy

          Yup. Under $7 as I remember and it's maybe a quart/liter (I'm terrible with that). Plenty of broth for two people and leftovers. I'm right around the corner. I'd love to catch up. It's been a long time.

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            I like Phonatic. I like it because in the process of making a play on words they are telling people how "pho" should be pronounced. ( I have read that it is derived from " feu" , the French word for fire, and is pronounced thusly). I like the design of the interior. I like their noodle dish, although not as good as the now defunct Soliel used to serve.

            Although not a fan of pho, the best I have had was at Pho Kong Ly, out on Oltorf. Quite a ways to go, but I worked out there then. There noodles were quite good too.

            Now, I just saw another pho place in the Burnet, Anderson area, in the center with Hopdoddy's and Precision Camera. Will have to give it a try, unless in the meantime, someone reports on it.

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              The pho place in the Hopdoddy shopping center is Pho Thaison. I like it a little better than Phonatic because it has a stronger star anise flavor and it's a normal-sized portion (I don't like to take home pho since the noodles don't hold up, so I feel like I'm wasting so much food at Phonatic). I used to go to Pho Thaison often, but they upped their prices by about $2 a few months ago, so it has fallen out of the rotation.

          2. re: foodiegal71

            Phonatic is owned by the Pho Saigon owners so its pretty much identical.

            1. re: lixlix

              Ah, now that you mention that, I feel like I remember hearing it. This is good to know since it's closer to the house!

          3. I feel like I'm always promoting this place on here, but Thanh Nhi's pho is tasty when I have a hankering for it.. more often than not though, I get the BBH

            there are a few broths she makes that I think are homemade and others that are boullion/powder based.. pho and BBH have the "depth" of homemade.

            Pho Dan is good too and I think they start serving like at 7:30 AM!

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            1. re: topodrinko

              OK - my next stop is Thanh Nhi - I've only had Bahn Mi there because I was not eating pho or bun for six years. I think I will try this and Bo Bun Hue

              MI TOM THIT $5.95 - $6.75
              egg noodle soup with shrimp, pork bbq and chicken.

              Omit chicken. I love the shrimp and pork combo. Many places have all sorts of combinations, but will charge extra for shrimp and pork.