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Oct 14, 2013 08:41 AM

NoMad for brunch....chicken sandwich?

My husband & I will be in NYC for almost a week in December. We both wanted to go to the NoMad for lunch or dinner to try the chicken. The way our plans are shaping up, it looks like the only time we may have is for brunch. Does the chicken sandwich compare at all to the chicken served for lunch and dinner? I understand it's a sandwich, but do you get a sense of the same flavors?

Thanks for any info.

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  1. Yes, absolutely. The sandwich is, IMO, a perfect translation of the incredible chicken dish into sandwich form.

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      I've not had the chicken sandwich but really enjoyed the roasted chicken at dinner. Spiritchaser - can you tell me if they leave off the fricasee of dark thigh meat in the sandwich? I actually didn't love the way they made the thigh meat in that sour-cream like white sauce...

      1. re: zeeEats

        Unless they have changed it since last time I had it no, there is no side of the fricasee nor is the fricasee incorporated in to the sandwich. FWIW, I really like the fricasee part of the chicken dish...

    2. Love both the whole roasted chicken for 2 served at lunch and dinner and the chicken sandwich at brunch. The chicken sandwich is IMHO the best sandwich in NYC!

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        Wow - now I am really tempted to go for brunch and have the sandwich! What else would you recommend off the brunch menu?

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          Thanks everybody. I was feeling so disappointed about not being able to have the chicken. I feel so much better now hearing about the sandwich. Wish I was there now!!!

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            The flatbread and the steak and eggs are wonderful.

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              The tagliatelle with crab is also wonderful, as is the fruits de mer tower. Actually since The NoMad is the sister restaurant to EMP, everything is going to be terrific!

              1. re: ellenost

                I've had the tagliatelle with crab at dinner and indeed really loved it, same with the soft poached egg starter and playfully plated tuna tartare. So many of the mains at dinner are amazing as well, which is sort of why I've not gone for brunch yet...

                While EMP is exquisite in every way, I do really appreciate the ambiance at The NoMad; it's cozier, darker and much more comfortable.

                1. re: zeeEats

                  The menu at The NoMad reminds me of why I first fell in love with EMP (pre-grid/pre-tasting menu).

          2. Went back to The NoMad for brunch this weekend and had the chicken sandwich. It was interesting to see that the chicken used was completely white meat, not roasted whole on the carcass but as boneless breasts supposedly sourced specifically for the sandwich. All of the flavors of the truffle, foie and herbs were spot-on, definitely luxurious and very similar to the roasted chicken during dinner. The meat itself was also very tender and a substantial portion. The salad on the side with crispy chicken skin was great, with the radicchio and endive providing some bitterness and acidity to contrast the richness of the sandwich.

            I also really enjoyed the savory cake that was served during brunch, something like an eggy zucchini bread with seasonal squash. The bloody sherry with beets and hot peppers was absolutely delicious, a innovative twist on the mundane brunch cocktail.

            I'm glad to see that The NoMad puts out a high caliber brunch in addition to dinner.