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Where can I buy salty ( or even better-double salted) black licorice?

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Have only found at one or two SF candy stores but not a very good selection. Any suggestions?

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  1. I've been able to find some at Powell's Candy in Berkeley
    3206 College Avenue Berkeley, Ca 94705

    Molly Stones usually has some too.

    I adore salty licorice. Someone brought me a chocolate bar from Europe that had little salty lilcorice nibs in it....delicious!

    1. I think Cost Plus has it.

      1. Gourmet Haus Staudt http://www.gourmethausstaudt.com in RWC throws a lateral in some ways (Austrian, Dutch) & has several brands of Dutch packaged liquorice, in addition to loose bags of the good stuff packaged by weight ($6.35/lb).

        Or: it's roadtrip time . . .

        1. GREAT! Will check these out.

          1. I'm pretty sure (not 100%, so you should phone first) Fiona's Sweet Shop has it.


            1. Heads up on black licorice a new law in CA . A rep told me no no more organic black licorice due to country of origin issue.Also no more organic ginger due due to same.

              1. Both Miette on Octavia and Candy Store off Polk have good licorice selections, plus you can taste to find one you really like.