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Oct 14, 2013 08:24 AM

Would skyland carry this stuff? (spices)

A family member is looking for a few spices for some recipes. I'll be in Toronto in the next few weeks and will probably pop into skyland in Scarborough as it's near where I'm staying. The garam masala I can find pretty much anywhere but do you think these other things would be available at Skyland? If not, suggestions on where to pick up?

Kaffir lime leaves
CAri ni ando (Vietnamese curry powder) in a jar or bag
Garam masala
Zathar middle eastern

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  1. I like the za'atar at House of Spice in Kensington.

    Kaffir lime leaves are easy to get in the Gerrard/Broadview "Little China(/Vietnam)town". There are a couple of big grocery stores on the south side of Gerrard, just east of Broadview that generally carry them.

    Garam masala - well, you can find this just about anywhere, but I like BJ's Supermarket in Little India on Gerrard, west of Coxwell.

    Vietnamese curry powder... I have no idea. I wouldn't be surprised if you find it in the same place as the lime leaves, though.

      1. I used cari ni ando to make vietnamese bo kho. I found it at my local foody (bamburgh circle) in the spice aisle. Foody also carries kaffir lime leaves. Used some to make tom yum soup. Theres an indian store at kennedy/denison in the food court of that plaza...also one on kennedy and 14th across the mcdonalds. You could try there for garam masala. Hopefully that helps.

        1. Just to follow up... found the Cari ni Ando, Kaffir Lime Leaves and Garam masala at Al Premium Food mart near Warden and Eglinton.

          No luck on the Za'tar blend.