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Oct 14, 2013 07:51 AM

squid ink pasta

Where can I buy fresh squid ink pasta, in the "greater Lexington, MA area"?
For that matter, is there any such thing as dried squid ink pasta?


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  1. Capone Foods in Somerville makes it fresh on site.

    1. Capone Foods in Somerville or North Cambridge [closer to Lexington] is your best bet. If you head to the North Cambridge outlet, you might want to call to ensure that the next delivery [they do about 3 trips from Somerville to the Cambridge store daily] delivers exactly what you need if they don't have it there already.

      Their pasta is also sold at Whole Foods, but I don't recall seeing the squid ink variety in those stores, ever.

      1. well, if you want it in a restaurant right near you, I noticed it on the menu at Luigi's in Bedford . We didn't have it but the food we had was surprisingly wonderful!

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          Thanks, but I only want to cook with it at home.

        2. Not near you, but Monica's Mercato in the North End sells both fresh (made in house) and dried (third party vendor) squid ink pasta.

          1. Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square, Somerville often has fresh homemade squid ink pasta that's wonderful. Call ahead to see if they have some frozen or fresh. The Davis Square farmers' market on Wednesdays has a fresh pasta stand that always has squid ink pasta as well. Valtierri's or something? They will be there until the week before Thanksgiving.