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Oct 14, 2013 07:23 AM

Cheese Trolley - Restaurants

Such a visual feast for the eye; including useful at home tips for creating a cheese plate or platter. Some of the favorite cheeses discussed on this Board are highlighted.

This specific cheese trolley in NYC sure looks worth the trip!

Which restaurants do you visit just for their cheese trolley?

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  1. Wow, that is a beautiful presentation! I am not aware of any local restaurants that have a cheese trolley program.

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      I'm going to make a point of asking about the avail of a cheese trolley when I book reservations now. I'm intrigued by the dining experience. And some cheese trolley pros only set up at certain days/times or only by request from what I've read so far.

    2. Wow! Googleing around, Picholine's cheese trolley is regarded as the best in the country.

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        I can see why! If I hadn't stumbled upon the YT video I wouldn't have even thought of Picholine for a cheese tasting experience...but I am now!

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          I've experienced the cheese cart at Picholine - truly fabulous. Their staff really knows what they're talking about, too - they guided me to selections that suited my palate perfectly. Worth the price tag.

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            It's officially on our NYC bucket list!

      2. Restaurant Gary Danko in San Francisco is well-known for its cheese cart I have to say, though, that the list of cheeses on their website is high quality but not very interesting (kind of like the restaurant)

        This is something yelp is very helpful for, since you can search for "cheese cart" (or trolley). Several other top tier restaurants in San Francisco have cheese carts, including Acquerello (all Italian cheeses), Quince (an interesting mixture of local and European cheeses). There was actually a thread on the SF board on this topic, which undoubtedly needs updating:

        The only time I've personally experienced a first class cheese cart was at The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco, which is sadly no more.

        1. Cheese cart at Providence in Los Angeles was the most interesting l have ever seen, about 40 cheeses , French, Spanish, and American. l am happy to say there were 15-20 l had never heard of.

          1. There isnt anywhere I'd visit just for the cheese but "Simon Radley at the Grosvenor" in Chester keeps a superb cheese trolley, although they are mainly French, rather than more local cheeses.

            Of course, a good "chariot de fromages" is fairly commonplace in France. Even a bistro in a small village such as L'Auberge de la Vallee de Ancre in Authuille - where for €27.50 you'll be served five courses - say, oysters, ficelle picard, plaice with grey shrimps, cheese and, finally, dessert