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Oct 14, 2013 05:56 AM

Light Dinner Stop On The Way Home From New York

I'll be driving back to Falls Church from New York on Sunday evening and will probably want to make a stop to eat a bit north of Baltimore. I've stopped at Clarence's Taste of New Orleans a couple of times before and enjoyed it, but now it's closed.

I recall seeing a recommendation for a Mexican place, I think in a shopping center, just a few minutes off Interstate 95 somewhere around Edgewood but I couldn't find the post here. Anyone know what I'm talking about, or have a suggestion for a good stopping place?

It needs to be open on Sunday in the 7-8 PM range. I'll be alone, but I don't like eating at the bar. I'm not keen on Chinese for this kind of a food stop. Mexican, simple Italian, even a good burger, not so much food that I can't eat it, under $20, decent service so I don't have to wait for a table, wait for a server, and wait too long for the check.

A quick Google Map check suggests El Rodeo or My Three Sons might be likely candidates.

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  1. My Three Sons is tasty (my information is about two years old, but doubt it's changed that much).

    1. Maybe R&R (Perry Hall)?
      Note hours on Sunday.

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      1. re: mscoffee1

        Is that the taco joint in the gas station?

        I see they have another location in a shopping center (this may have been what I recall reading about here) but they close at 6 on Sunday.

        1. re: MikeR

          Yes, the one in Elkridge is in a gas station. Yes, I noticed it closed at 6 and that is why I mentioned it.
          Maybe Chaps would be a good match, but it is south of where you were looking.

      2. Just in case anyone's curious, I kind of flaked on this one. I left NY a couple of hours earlier than I thought I would, made my usual stop at McDonald's in Newark Delaware for a drain-and-refill, wasn't all that tired of driving, so I just went straight home. After unloading the car, went to Hong Kong Palace for dinner just five minutes away.