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Oct 14, 2013 05:49 AM

Fonda San Miguel

The last few times I've been here for dinner the food hasn't been as outstanding as I remember it (although the bar makes a great Pisco Sour). Wondering if the Sunday Brunch is still as stellar as a few years back. Any and all opinions appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I live around the corner from FSM, and from what I remember, it depends on the chef. I haven't been keeping up. The Sunday Brunch is all-you-can-eat, and since I don't eat that much in one sitting (although I eat 5 times a day), it wasn't worth $110 for my wife and I. I had to watergate some lamb rib chops and have them later so I would feel like I got my $ worth. Everything was good, though, borderline excellent.

    Dinner is not much more expensive than many other places in town now (La Condesa, etc.) and since it is in a neighborhood, it is a little more accessible than downtown.

    I like Sazon on S. Lamar for value.

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      Sazon looks good. Will definitely go there. Thank you.

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        when you hit up Sazon, don't miss the pork stew in cascabel. wonderful. the carnitas are always tender melt in your mouth too, i usually get the cascabel pork and a carnitas taco with black beans and love it. too bad the salsa can be hit or miss. sometimes great, sometimes less good than a jar of pace.

    2. I love FSM, especially for the taco al pastor & carne asada a la Tampiquena. There is nothing better.