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Oct 14, 2013 05:40 AM

PVD/RI * October '13 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Sorry folks. Was late to this one but, you know, life and stuff...

The Wayland Square Diner, after a brief closure that rumor had it was due to a spat of sorts among the operators, is now reopen.

What else is going on out there?

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  1. Mission Newport by the guys from Thames St Kitchen opened at 29 Marlborough St Newport. They make great burgers and their own hot dogs.

    The shack at Dutch Harbor is closed for the season. I think their taco cart is still around at the local farmers markets.

    1. According to a recent tweet by In Downcity - "Rosalina is going to be an amazing Italian restaurant and will be opening on Aborn Street, off of Washington Street, and will be neighbors to Gracie’s, Birch and Trinity Rep."

      1. I recently heard that the owners of Circe will be opening a dessert-centric restaurant across the street from their location on Weybosett. Not sure of when it will be open or what it will be called.

        1. is chilangos closed or just remodeling? the sign wasn't out front last time i drove by. really really hope they are not gone.

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            i'm happy to report that chilangos IS indeed open again. they took out all the booths and moved/expanded the bar. menu was the same and excellent as always. waitress said they were closed for 6 weeks!

          2. November 6 in the Projo, they are reporting "The Barstow" has open at 800 Allens Ave.


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              My wife and I had brunch there this morning. I thought it was pretty good. I had an omelet with smoked bluefish and other goodies topped with a creme fraiche and a side of Moroccan potatoes. My wife had poached eggs with Serrano ham on some type of bread and finished with a smoked maple hollandaise. Very good, freshly ground coffee. While were there we checked out their lunch and dinner menus. They offer a lot of interesting food with the local flavor thing going on. A little pricy but I'm cheap. $30 for brunch for 2. Was it worth it? For a once in a while thing, yeah, it was worth it. We'll return for at least a lunch and a dinner.

              I don't see the neighborhood supporting them that much with it being a largely Portuguese blue collar area. I can't see it being their type of thing but who knows. I think they're going to have to draw in customers from other areas. I hope they make it. It will be a nice addition to the local food scene.