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Oct 14, 2013 05:25 AM

What to do with extra okra?

Made a wonderful vegetable soup lat nght (Caper Verde - out of Sundays at Moosewood), but now have about 6 extra pods (not sure what they are called) left over.

I hate the slimy stuff I recall from school. Anyone have a better suggestion? No deep frying, please.

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    1. Freeze 'em for next time.

      1. I recently had grilled okra with macque choux and thought it was a brilliant combination. No sliminess there and 6 pods would be enough for one serving. You can also stick them in a jar with brine, coriander, cumin seed, dill and jalapenos for pickled okra.

        If you had about a pound of okra, I might recommend Middle Eastern bamia or okra stew recipes which usually avoid stickiness thanks to the high levels of acid in the braising liquid. Indian bhindi recipes are also worth a gander.

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          I actually saw a bindhi recipe that looked pretty good. Never thought about maque choux, though.....

          1. Sinigang. That's another soup though. I make it with just vegetables, sometimes shrimp.