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Tonkatsu in Shinjuku

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I've been staying in Shibuya on my trips to Tokyo but next week will be in Shinjuku for a few days (at the Grand Hyatt). Would like to find tonkatsu - any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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  1. Katsukura at Takashimaya Times Square, but you can get it almost anywhere these days.

    1. About 15 minutes on the fukutoshin line to Tonki in Meguro. Worth the time in my opinion.


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          Yes you're right, Fukutoshin only goes down to Shibuya. My bad.

        1. Katsukura at Times Square would be my recommendation also.

          1. BTW the Grand Hyatt is in Roppongi.

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              Correct re Hyatt, Robb - I am staying at the Hyatt Regency in Shinjuku. Thanks all for the recommendations

            2. me three for katsukura!

              i think tonki is polarising. you either love it or hate it. (i hate it. hehe.)

              1. The more upscale branch of Wako named Takumian in Isetan is very good. Can't say how it compares to Katsukura, but I have eaten at Takumian dozens of times and always been happy. They serve several types of pickles with free refills, and have a couple great salad dressings to try out on the salad or cabbage that you get before the katsu comes out. They usually feature some special pork (this week it was Miyazaki) that is always significantly better than the regular offering.

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                  I've been to Wako, and prefer Katsukura. That being said, I have not been to Takumian. Maybe next time!