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Oct 13, 2013 11:30 PM

Best cheesecakes (or chocolate cakes) in Boston Area?


My girlfriend and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary (since the day we started dating) which is only a week away and I am looking for a place that sells great cheesecake (or chocolate cake) in the Boston/Cambridge/Brookline area.
Any recommendations?

FYI, these are the cakes that we have enjoyed in the past:
chocolate toffee cake and three layer chocolate mousse from Flour Bakery
African Queen (dark chocolate mousse cake) from Japonaise Bakery
ricotta cheese cake from Modern Pastry
buttercream cake from Party Favors

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  1. Try Vicki Lee in Belmont if that's convenient for you. Her cakes are special.

    1. My suggestions are not from actual bakeries but from The Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel. At the Mandarin order one or two of their Quintuple Chocolate Cheesecakes. This is a cake made with 5 different kinds of chocolate. It is absolutely sinful and delicious. I'm sure they would be happy to prepare the cakes to take out. At the Four Seasons they have a multilayer chocolate cake called Let's Split It. The name is appropriate because it is so rich and decadent that it should be split by at least two people. I have ordered them to take out many times. These along with the Butterscotch Bread Pudding at Eastern Standard are our favorite desserts in Boston.

      1. 7 ate 9 bakery makes fantastic cheesecake. Sold at farmer's markets and you can also pick up in Winchester.

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          Agree with this, I do really like 7 ate 9's cheesecakes, I've gotten them at the farmer's market in Melrose.