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Oct 13, 2013 09:31 PM

meat grinder getting clogged

so, i bought this awesome meat grinder:
Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer, and Pasta Maker

at least it was awesome the first 2 times i used it. it's cheap, light, attaches to surface perfectly, and it minced the meat with amazing ease.. but only the first 2 times. the last 2 times, it just kept getting clogged.

I am mincing grassfed organic strip steaks, to make beef tartar. and what tends to happen lately, is some if it comes out, and promptly stops, and the meat is sort of getting milled into almost a stringy paste, as the thing is getting jammed and the meat has nowhere to go. than i have to disasemble it, unwind the stringy meat, assemble it back, and mince a little, and repeat this process 4-5 times for a single steak.

i am not sure if there was something i did unknowingly different the first 2 times when it worked like a charm the whole way. i even tried switching the metal plates from fine to coarse, but that didn't make any difference.

im sure the grinder didn't just go bad after 2 uses, so maybe it was the kind of steak i got ? i cut the last one (.9 lbs) into 3 pieces, and even cut off the fatty part before grinding.

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  1. You have got to make sure that the grinder blade and plate are screwed in very tightly. If its loose that will always happen. Also, it helps a lot to use very well chilled meat, and a chilled grinder assembly.

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      hi, thanks for the reply.
      unfortunately there isn't much of screws in this assembly. the whole thing is just pressed together by the front plate which is screwed tight, and the blade goes onto 2 tiny metal prongs. the meat does get in behind the blade but it seems that the steak just isn't mincing out of the holes much in the first place.. it gets backed up pretty fast!

    2. Cut the meat into smaller pieces and make sure the meat is cold; that's the important part

      1. Cut your meat into half-inch cubes and freeze them on a tray for 15-30 minutes before grinding.

        1. Try partially freezing your meat; sounds like it is too soft and thus clogging.

          I use the meat grinder attachment with my KitchenAid Stand mixer. Works great every time.

          1. I agree with everyone, meat grinds far better when everything is cold. Also good to keep everything cold for safety reasons. I put the bowl the grindings fall into and the grinding head into the freezer 1 hour before I grind. I cut the meat into small pieces, spread them out on a cookie sheet, throw into the freezer until they just start to stiffen up a little on the outside (usually about a 1/2 hr) and then grind.