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Oct 13, 2013 09:13 PM

best chinese restaurants in flushing

We are Chinese Americans from San Francisco area and will be in Flushing Queens for 7 nights in late October. What are the best Chinese restaurants in this "second" Chinatown???

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  1. Actually Flushing is not a Chinatown, it is part of the great ethnoburb that is Queens. Urban Chinatowns are marked by the presence of poorer Chinese immigrants: 60% are foreign born and have a high school education or less. About 50% of them speak only Mandarin, Fujianese or Cantonese. Wages are fully 50% below regional averages and 20% live in poverty.

    It is a different story in ethnoburbs like Flushing where more than one-third of the Chinese-Americans are business professionals compared to 14% in Manhattan. More than one-third also have college degrees compared to 7% in Manhattan. You will have numerous but delightful options in Flushing:

    101 Taiwanese

    Dim Sum

    Fragrant Shandong Garden

    Fu Run – Manchurian

    Golden Palace - Manchurian

    Gu Xiang - Taiwanese


    Henan Fengwei

    Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan

    Hunan House

    Jiang Li – Northern/Manchurian

    Lake Pavilion – Cantonese

    Lao Chengdu – Sichuan

    Lao Dong Bei – Manchurian

    Main Street Imperial – Taiwanese

    Rural - Manchurian

    Spicy and Tasty - Sichuan

    Traditional Hunan Restaurant

    Red Chopsticks - Taiwanese

    Rifu - Chinese-Korean

    Shanghai 33 Cuisine

    Yi Lan Halal Chinese


    Golden Mall

    New World Mall Food Court

    Kathryn’s Flushing Food Tour

    but wait, there’s more…

    Little Pepper (In College Point – a 10-12 minute bus ride from Flushing).

    ... and please do report back - unlike your 2007 trip!