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Oct 13, 2013 08:34 PM

My Le Creuset Haul: What's Next?

I am brand new to Le Creuset. Have been dreaming of it for a while now. Finally took the plunge. I got a french oven (7.25 round) for $140, the largest braiser for 35% off, and a couple of baking dishes at 50% off at the Vacaville outlet today. Overall was much more doable than I thought it would be.

And after the maiden voyage (south African-style braised meatballs and roasted fennel and mushroom cous-cous) I am now spoiled. WOW....what a treat to cook today! So much nicer than my cruddy cheap pots and pans. And clean up was easy (for my teenager!) :)

So now I am wondering what other must have kitchen items I have been missing out on and need to own. I am thinking a couple of knives, frying pan, etc.....what else? What do you have in your kitchen that makes you feel spoiled every time you use it?

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  1. Remember that you can wrap the LC lid in aluminum foil, invert it, and roast vegetables on the lid as the food inside braises.

    A mandoline with a well-designed safety holder for the produce. Mine's a Boerner V-Slicer.

    A good food processor and a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I stalked the latter on eBay for a year to get a good deal on one made by Hobart, because those (around 50 yrs old) are powerful workhorses with better performance statistics than the current models.

    1. In term of tools, I will suggest a few new things which may "revolutionize" those who do not have them.

      1) A microplane grater, for example:

      2) A high quality Japanese influence kitchen knife, for example:

      3) A good quality carbon steel pan or wok, for examples:

      4) A pressure cooker

      5) A cheap coffee grinder for grinding spices

      6) A reasonable waterstone for sharpening knives:

      1. Brilliant suggestion on roasting veggies! And thanks for the great wish list!

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          I should also have mentioned another lid use, which saves on clean-up. If you have enough meat that you are going to be searing in batches, invert the Dutch oven lid atop a deep bowl or another pot. Use the inverted lid to hold the seared pieces until all the meat is browned and returned to the Dutch oven. You won't need to wash the lid, just cover the Dutch oven and proceed with braising.

        2. My food processor makes me feel spoiled every time I use it. For years, I resisted buying one then my husband got me one for Christmas. I love it.

          1. I still feel quite privileged every time I use my 30 year old, navy blue and still beautiful Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

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            1. re: sandiasingh

              I have a newer navy blue one which I love.

              I think a food processor is indispensible in a kitchen.

              Good sharp knives.

              Cast iron skillet.

              1. re: sandiasingh

                I love my 25 year old cobalt blue one!

                1. re: foodieX2

                  It just so happens to match my beautiful navy blue/cobalt 4 oven Aga range, which came 25 yrs later. Kismet!

                    1. re: foodieX2

                      I adore my Aga. It takes a while to learn how to use it really well, but I would never replace it with a gas stove. We are fortunate to be able to slow cook all the time so it's a good fit. You can definitely get rid of all your crock pots when you own an Aga :-)