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Oct 13, 2013 08:18 PM

Chibiscus - Excellent Tonkotsu Ramen in Hollywood

Rich pork broth and firm-ish noodles. The mushrooms were tasty and perfectly cooked. And they include bits of ginger and green onion that nicely break up the monotony of a whole bowl of broth.

And I have no idea how they manage to halve a soft-boiled egg. The yolk was still runny, but somehow the half was intact.

The pork itself was tender as expected. And I think they slice then grill it to add flavor.

The place is TINY, with only a few tables. I'm guessing it holds about 15 people. We got there just after opening, so no problem. But I can see how there might be a wait at busier times. Also, their website says they're in soft opening. But there are Yelp reviews going back to July... go figure.

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  1. Thank you for the heads up on this place, I have been to most of the well spoken ramen places in LA and honestly this may be the best one I have tried. The ramen here is incredible. The pork is not loin but marinated soft rolled slices of belly that are then browned quickly on top. I like the pork at Tsujita but this is just as good if not better. I usually order noodles firm but wanted to see how they were served here without saying anything. They came out perfectly al dente with just the right amount of bite for holding up to the warm broth. The broth itself wow, I mentioned to one of the employees how clean it tastes and he told me unlike most ramen places they continually skim the fat from their broth while it is cooking. The broth is still viscous and creamy but seemingly skimming makes a huge difference in allowing the flavor of the ramens individual components to come through when the inside of your mouth is not coated with fat. This is the kind of place you try once and know you will be back as often as possible. My new favorite Ramen in LA.

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      I'm glad you mentioned the "clean" taste of the broth, which is something I rarely experience yet crave. I've been noticing more often that a lot of ramen broths I've been having and even making at home has a tendency to taste "dull" and one of the reasons I believe to be the cause is an over-extraction of bitter flavors whether it's excess scum or burnt bones. Many contemporary cookbooks suggest either a pre-blanching or pre-roasting of meats and bones and continual skimming of scum and foam in order to produce a better flavored stock so it's great to see this technique in practice. Definitely going to try this place out soon.

    2. Will have to check them out. They have some interesting menu items (, with nice options for my wife who doesn't eat beef/pork.

      1. Will VanderWyden aka RamenShaman just published a favorable review...apparently they use miso as part of their regular tonkotsu. You can read it over here

        1. Still haven't had a chance to try it. Just got written up on LAT:

          Anyone else gotten to try it?

          1. I'm not a ramen expert by any means, but I stumbled into this place by accident a couple of days ago (it's next door to our vet) and was blown away. I had the spicy chicken shoyu ramen. The awesome thing about this is that the chicken gets the same 14-hour slow cook treatment that the pork (a la Daikokuya) does. It was unlike any chicken I've ever had, so smoky and savory. And yes, the noodles were perfectly al dente, and the half-soft-boiled egg was a small miracle.

            Also had their pork buns, like little peking duck wraps but with grilled pork, cilantro, pickled ginger and a sweet plum-ish sauce. Can't wait to go back for the tonkatsu ramen.