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Oct 13, 2013 07:19 PM

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (Stagg Sazerac 18, etc.)

has anyone seen any bottles on shelves around Boston (or even in New ENgland?)

I would be happy to share sightings with others who will help me out

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  1. My first try would be Federal Wine and Spirits on State street in Boston. That's where I bought my last bottle of George T. Stagg. They have an exceptional whiskey collection and knowledge.


    1. They have a small batch Buffalo Trace 375ml $60 bottle at Lynway Liquors, I'm not sure if its the antique.

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      1. re: phatchris

        it is not, but thanks
        at least that gives me another idea of where to look.

      2. I've had better luck in the New Hampshire State Liquor Stores than shopping in Massachusetts. With that, I wish you the best of luck.

        1. Upon further investigation it is the single oak project that I've seen at Lynnway Liquors.

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          1. re: phatchris

            I was just there
            Nothing ON THE SHELVES for sale