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Oct 13, 2013 04:02 PM

Trip Report - Hollywood today.

Sometimes you should go with your instincts. I did not like the name “The Pikey” from the get go as it made no particular sense (to me at least) as to its allusion. Then I also scoped it out 1130 onwards and the lunchtime crowd was little in evidence.
Nevertheless I ventured in, because I wanted to try their much-vaunted “Traditional English Sunday Roast.”
Well, there was the first problem. The main tradition of the traditional British Sunday Roast is that it is served at lunchtime. I was told (to my immediate disappointment) that the roast was not “on” until 3pm.
I could still have salvaged the situation by relocating, perhaps to the King’s Head II over the Hollywood Hills a ways. But (like Captain Scott) I let that final chance slip by me as well.
I had some of their porter (only three tap beers) and it wasn’t horrible. I had a dozen of their oysters which were fresh and fine enough. Even quite well priced (even though tiny oysters) at $15.
But I let the bar-tender’s recommendation of the pork belly sandwich draw me in, and I wish (as I sit here with still churny stomach) I hadn’t. Trendy, yes. Pork with sour greens. Tasty . . . No! Tasteless and with a truly unpleasant juxtaposition of textures: the slightly slimy pork belly, and the ultra crisp bread, and a glutinous and tasteless spread on the bread.
Then I switched to Prosecco and it was as dead as Jimmy Hoffa in the glass. “Aren’t there enough bubbles?” asks the bartender, as he saw me perusing the glass, clearly having some sort of elective sight disorder as clearly there were absolutely NO bubbles. I couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss but it was horrible drink combined with horrible food.
A man I took to be the owner showed up and seemed to hover slightly menacingly (I think towards the staff mainly) at the end of the bar, not exactly exuding good “Mein Host” vibes, either.
Breakfast was at Nick’s Café downtown, and that was fine. Coffee hot and strong. Friendly and good service. A first was the coffee I had half drunk being thrown away and a complete HOT refill provided. No half measures (especially of lukewarm coffee) at Nick’s. The ham and eggs were good. The ham is a sweet cure, but it somehow feels (which not my favorite style of ham) right for the old-school ham & eggs genre.
So with that and a Pink’s dog with kraut and onions mid-morning, day so far was not a total loss.
I am staying near a place called Steven’s Steakhouse in Commerce. I wonder if it is any good? Clearly long-established and old school (at least in appearance as I drove by just now) which I happen to like. Obviously some good Mexican in this area I drove by too.
Yes, The Pikey . . .me no Likee.
If anyone has + or – about Steven’s or other Commerce Chow I’d love to read them before venturing out tonight.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Highly suggest visiting Porto's in Downey for cuban sandwiches, potato balls and guava cheese pastries.

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    1. re: A5 KOBE

      Thanks for the rec. but after the hideous Pork Belly Sandwich earlier in the day anything 'sandwich" was off the roster of possibilities for me. Thanks though.

    2. You'll be staying close to Baja Ensenada and if you like fish tacos then you should avail yourself of the opportunity.

      1. I did try Steven's Steakhouse. It was taken over by a group of salsa dancers and the whole scene was anathema to what I fancied (quitetude, shrimp cocktail, and steak). So I went (eventually) to a 240hour taco walk-up deal and for $15 got a massive "Super" burrito, fixings, and an equally massive tub of menudo. The name escapes me (sorry, since I was planning the steakhouse I did not take the fish taco and other recommendation with me) "Acatoro #8" Acadero . . . or something like that on Whittier. The burrito, filled with beans and chile verde was good (maybe a little TOO MUCH beans but I then understood the "Meat only" menu option), the red & green salsas were nice, and the menudo, somewhat lukewarm, but very tasty, especially with a gin & tonic.

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        1. re: bishopsbitter

          Burritos are always 'meat only' for me; no rice/beans, just meat and hot sauce. I'll pay more if necessary.