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Lunch tomorrow in east 40s, 50s

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Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment on 38th and 2nd ending about 11. I have to be at 57th and 8th by about 12:45. Seeking lunch.

I like most kinds of food, especially Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Italian.

Looking for something relatively quick and that opens a little early (11:30 or so).

I could go to Szechuan Gourmet on 56th, it is very good, but I go there a lot, seeking something new. I also thought of Phoenix Garden, but they don't open til noon and I don't think I could eat there and make it cross town.

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  1. So it sounds to me you really want west not east

    Pure Thai - Best Thai around IMO
    Ippudo - 11:30 should be just about line-less

    1. Sakagura opens at 11:30 and has some great non-sushi japanese options, an easy walk from your dr office


      1. Thanks to both of you

        1. Ma Peche (56 St. between. 5th & 6th Aves.) starts lunch at 11:30.

          1. I wound up finishing at the doctor much earlier than expected, so I walked all the way to Ippudo and had one good bowl of noodles.

            1. I saw this only belatedly, plf, but if you're ever in that neck of the woods again, one of the best salad bars in the neighborhood is on the SW corner of 41st and Second; when the weather is good, you can get what you need there and then walk up the hill to the Tudor City parks. They're one of the few places in the city I can stand to eat al fresco.