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Oct 13, 2013 03:16 PM

Red Chili Indian Cafe--quality downtown Indian comes uptown

I'll be a bit lazy and paste my Yelp review here. Suffice it to say this is surprisingly good Indian food in West Harlem.

Open just two weeks on W. 116 St. just west of Malcolm X Blvd., Red Chili Indian Cafe brings high-quality Indian food uptown. A large restaurant, with plenty of seating, it is attractively decorated to give it a warm feel of an Indian cafe. The menu is replete with all the favorite dishes of Northern Indian cuisine New Yorkers are used to: curries, tandooris, kurmas, vindaloos. Choose some appetizers, breads and a main or two. Service is attentive and prompt. Food quality is top-notch. We particularly enjoyed the spinach and lentils (dal saag), the cauliflower/pea/potato stew (alu mattar gobi) and a cold chickpea/tomato starter (chana chat). The naan was fresh and moist. Two people can eat a feast for less than $50 here. They are already doing a vigorous take-out business. Don't think they have a liquor license yet, so ask about BYO.

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