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Jan 20, 2005 06:18 PM

Austin Saturday Breakfast/Lunch Place?

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We moved to Austin about 5 months ago, and so far have enjoyed discovering new places to eat. (we are particularly indebted to this board for ideas)

However, one of the things we liked to do where we lived previously (Gainesville, Florida) was to go out every Saturday around 11am-ish for breakfast/brunch/lunch depending on what we were in the mood for that day. We usually enjoyed spreading out the paper and reading it at the restaurant as well.

So far, we really haven't found a place here in Austin we can start up our ritual again. We like both Kerby Lane and Magnolia but so do about a million other people and the wait can sometimes be so long that it seems more like trial of persistence than a leisurely morning.

We also like the Galaxy Cafe (we live in South Austin and its only a couple miles away) but the menu is pretty light on the breakfast fare.

My husband usually wants blueberry pancakes/eggs while I typically prefer to opt for a sandwich or other such lunch fare.

Any suggestions/places you think may fit the bill?

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  1. I know it's fairly hyped and not really a 'chowhound' place, but a few friend and I ate brunch at the South Congress Cafe and I was impressed. The food isn't serious, but it's fun. Moreover everything we ordered was good. They let us stay there as long as we wanted (which was a while), but the place was a little crowded. I'm not sure what the wait was like as I got there late and my friends already had a table. No pancakes but my banana nut french toast did a good job on my New Years hangover.

    1. In Dallas, the Whole Foods Market on lower Greenvile Ave. served great breakfasts, including the kind of food you're describing. Probably can find the same in Austin, since that's their HQ. I know eating in a supermarket isn't the same atmosphere as in a restaurant, but it's a thought.

      1. Shan,

        I understand. We lived in D.C. for two years ago, and there was an abundance of places to go.

        Our selections here in Austin:
        - Habanero Mexican Cafe
        (512) 416-0443 :: 501 W Oltorf St.

        - Polvo's::

        - Z'Tejas
        (512) 478-5355 :: 1110 West 6th St.

        - South Congress Cafe
        (512) 447-3905 :: 1600 S Congress Ave.

        - Maudie's::

        - Magnolia Cafe
        (512) 478-8645 :: 2304 Lake Austin Blvd.

        - Enchiladas Y Mas
        (512) 467-7100 :: 1911 W Anderson Ln.

        - Jim's (Yes, I know not a Chowhound place...but good for staple breakfast
        Hope this helps.

        1. There are two places on Burnet Road that are similar to Kerby/Magnolia but w/o the crowd. There can be a wait sometimes, but not too long. Both have really good omelettes.

          Omlettry - 49th block of Burnet (east side of street)
          Austin Diner - 52nd block of Burnet (west side of street) - Great Migas here.

          Also, Downtown - I go to Las Manitas on 200 block of Congress and El Sol Y La Luna south of the river on congress. Do you like Dim Sum?

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. We'll probably slowly try them all. We went to the Hill Cafe on S. Congress for lunch today. It was okay. I had the burger and my husband had the redneck philly.
            Best burger in town (as it claims) it wasn't. It was okay, but IMHO when I notice the best part of the burger is the bun (which was very good) and the burger seems to rely too heavily on the supporting actors (bun, lettuce, onion, etc) to make its case, it fails.

            I also tried the fried pickles. I thought they were going to be slices. When pickle wedges came out that seemed to be dipped in country(chicken) fried steak breading, it was different. They weren't bad, but 4 were more than enough.