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Oct 13, 2013 02:13 PM

MasterChef Season 5 Casting

Casting is going on right now for season 5 (check for locations near you


This past weekend in Orlando, I got the chance to drop by and interview some people at the event and also catch Season 4's Eddie Jackson (former NFL player and Fitchef guy) . He told the contestants some advice and tips like:

1. Be true to yourself – when making dishes, don’t try to go too far outside of your comfort zone as it may come back to hurt you if it ends up tasting like crap.
2. What you see is what you get – the personalities of the contestants on the show was really what they were like (read: Krissi really was a b—-)
3. Bring your repertoire of skills ready – the contestants would often be given a prompt of what they would have to cook and then have to start within 2 minutes and successfully create that dish. There is no real training so be ready for whatever they throw at you. He wishes he had worked more on plating and knew more about desserts (and of course sushi rolls).

The last tip was really surprising to me as I had always thought the contestants would have some sort of guidance or workshop on how to create some of those crazy dishes like chocolate molten lava souffle’ – but they really did have to know how to recreate the dishes on the fly – and it really made me respect the contestants even more knowing that.

Video interviews here:

Anyone here thinking of going to the casting? I noticed a lot of baked stuff at the event, like pastries etc. I suppose it does keep better than other dishes lol

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  1. also he said if you don't know how to cook, the judges can tell and would pretty much be able to kick you out. He also said the palates of the judges were so advanced that for example Graham was able to pick out ingredients from a dish just by tasting it sometimes.

    1. I'm going to the Philly casting - went to New York last year and it was a hoot. And yes, that time I noticed a lot of desserts as well, but I can tell you that very few of the desserts made it through the first round of picks by the tasting judges in my round of 30 or so hopefuls. I think they get that that's easy and unless you're really doing something unique, beautiful and off-the-wall with a pastry, don't. (I made it past the tasting judges because they couldn't believe a cold-stuffed pork loin could actually still taste good.)

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        Good luck. If you make it on the show and act like a d-bag, I will make fun of you mercilessly.