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Oct 13, 2013 02:01 PM

A/C and White House Subs

Going on a bus trip on a fundraiser and spending the day at Caesars. I know the money will run out, so thinking of things to do until the bus leaves to go back home. I feel stranded without a car -- have never done a bus trip before since elementary school!!!
Anyway, can I walk to White House Subs from Caesars? I can't remember how far one is from the other and it'd be a good way to waste some time...with the lines being that long at White House.
Thanks for any info!

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  1. Yes, you can walk it...about 3 blocks...go south on Pacific to Mississippi..walk the corner of Arctic.

    1. I was just in AC. There is also a White House Sub on the second level of the Trump Taj

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        Yes, but then the poster won't have the full WHS experience!

      2. WELL WORTH the trip to White House....their subs are so good they have 6 counterguys making the subs with usually a line waiting........I have had subs all over the state and theirs are fullest and the best !!

        1. Just one thought: IIRC, White House is cash-only. They do have an ATM in back, though.

          1. I would hit up Bill's Gyro on the boardwalk. Personally, I don't see what all the rave is about with White House.