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Oct 13, 2013 12:57 PM

Beef Marrow Bones

I just found a little pack of 6 or so beef bones cut crosswise into about 1"/2cm thickness. I thought I'd try prepping them so as to use the marrow as a spread on crusty bread. But I'm new to this one. I don't know if or how they should be seasoned with salt and/or herbs prior to roasting. Do they dry-roast or do you use a water element somehow? And how long do they cook, and at what temperature? How do you know when marrow is "done"?

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  1. Some may have a better method- but dry roasting in a hot oven for a surprisingly short amount of time is all that's needed.

    Here's a wonderful sounding prep:

    1. When the marrow starts to get translucent, you are getting close. A fine line between ready and flowing out when you pick them up.

      I have only had them with coarse salt and crusty or toasted bread.