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Oct 13, 2013 12:12 PM

Spring Ramp Cheese (Swiss)

Finally found my spring milk Alpine cheese yesterday when shopping at Farmstead Cheese & Wine in Oakland's Montclair village, and it's a great one. Labeled Spring Ramp Cheese, this is raw cow's milk and flecked with bits of caramelized ramps. This spring time allium tastes like a cross between garlic and onions, giving the cheese a more pungent presence than cheeses flavored with caramelized onions. The firm paste of the thinly shaved sample had a smooth unctuous texture, melting on the tongue, and mild yet rich with cream taste with notes of brown butter and almond. It is indeed the flavor of Spring time.

I could not find any information about it on the web. It was nestled on the display shelf with Beeler's cheeses, so perhaps from the same importer in Florida. If I knew how to say "ramps" in Swiss-German, I might have more success.

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  1. Finally figured out this cheese's real (tongue-twisting) name, Kuessnachter Baerlauch, to locate the producer's info.