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Broasted Chicken Anywhere?

The fried chicken thread got me thinking. It's been years since I've had 'Broasted" chicken. I have no recollection where I might have tasted this. As I recall, it was a heavily marinated chicken cooked in a pressure fryer, much like KFC, but had far less fat and carb content. Am I dreaming? Does it still exist anywhere?

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  1. I'm thinking Ma Glockners berched chicken that had an outpost in Mashpee? Alas they are no longer. Is that the type of chicken your thinking of? I think there was some place in upper rhode island serving it.

    Edit: found it but haven't been.


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      While that is interesting, that's not what I'm referring to. Broasting was a frying method where the breaded or floured coating doesn't absorb as much of the oil so it has lower fat and calories than regular fried chicken. I remember it being crispy and incredibly juicy.

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        Haven't thought about Ma Glockner's for years. Went there often as a kid and still crave the chicken, sticky buns and coconut cream pie. Yumm......

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          Enjoyed their "road-kill" chicken several times (tire marks?).

      2. check out the description of the fried chicken...is that broasted? never been but its on the list to check out.

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            That's the idea, yes. But I think that "Broasting" was a patented process with special equipment and recipes.

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              The Broaster Co. manufactures pressure fryers. A good friend's parents ran a diner in Wisconsin (where Broaster is based) and from his description, there's not much else to it. I think Broaster may sell a marinade/coating, but the real magic is in the pressure frying.

          2. I worked at a diner, King of the Frosties, about 12 years ago in Speculator NY. Not much has changed there, they might still have it on the menu. I've never seen it anywhere else! :)

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              I've found lots of discussion on the LA and Toronto boards. Mostly very favorable comments. Nothing locally as far as I can tell. Well, at least I'm not crazy!

            2. The second hit I got on Google when I searched "broasted chicken" was for the Roche Bros. website, so you might try there.

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                That rings a bell. I think I did see it at the one in West Roxbury a few months ago.

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                    Yes, I see it at Sudbury Farms [owned by Roche] all the time...it is yummy. :)

                  2. If you put your address into Google, then go to Google Maps, then type Broasted Chicken in the search field, you will find places. Like this place. Looks good. Thanks for the idea. I might have to go there!


                    1. Riverside Pizza & Seafood has a pressure-fryer (not the Broaster brand) and fry up a good bird, albeit occasionally a little underseasoned.


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                        Thanks, but I don't want just anybody's pressure fried chicken. I can get that at KFC or Popeyes. I want authentic Broaster Chicken. As I understand it, their patented equipment is quite different than other pressure fryers and their marinade and coating is also proprietary.

                        MMOCPI, thanks for the tip, but that search comes up empty for me on Google Maps. I could try Roche Bros, but was hoping for a better location where I might be fresher.

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                          Thanks! Looks like providence is the closest to me.

                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                            You're welcome! I'd be interested in hearing your report if you are able to track some down. The location in Providence sounds a bit unusual (a veteran's canteen?). I wonder if it is open to the public.

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                              I doubt it. Using the search the veteran's canteens (there are several listed) are all classified as "institutional". There are also several supermarkets listed. I'd rather try it at a restaurant or sub shop or some such.

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                                I can understand. It looks like Woonsocket might have an option. I hope you are able to find something fresh.

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                                Don't knock a VFW til you try it! One of RI's greatest food treasures, Mike's, is located in a VFW in Cranston. It is definitely open to the public. And the food is glorious.


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                                  The Providence location looks to be in a Veterans Medical Center, not a VFW hall. I wasn't knocking the freshness of the food in the veteran's canteen, I just wondered if it was open to the public. What I was knocking was the freshness of this kind of chicken from a supermarket. Mike's sounds like a great place to try!

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                                    Definitely give Mike's a whirl. You can find the best food in the damndest places sometimes. The VA canteen sounds intriguing. If it's a hospital cafeteria, it should be open to the public.

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                                The list says that Roche Bros IS Broaster chicken. They are one of the approved outlets.

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                                  It is indeed. Unfortunately, it's impossible to gauge when one can get it fresh from this type of source. As mentioned earlier, my DW tried some at our local Roche Bros just the other day, and it was rather dry and flavorless. Not at all how I remember fresh Broaster Chicken. Gotta try some freshly cooked.

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                                    The German butcher near us years ago sold the left overs from the previous day at 50% off and it was noticably different (dryer ) from the fresh cooked stuff.

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                                Most places seem to be convenience stores / gas stations, etc.

                                It's probably what we used to refer to as "gas station" chicken.
                                Quite excellent when done well, including the broasted potatoes.

                                Very popular in the southeast - not some much in the northeast.

                              5. Is Chester Fried Broasted? If so they had a sign for Chester Fried on the window of Chansky's Market in Brighton.

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                                    I saw one on a small market in Magoun Square; didn't know what it was.

                                  2. Not very helpful to you but your post brought me back to my childhood and the broasted chicken at Crandall's in Hebron, Il.

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                                    1. re: mats77

                                      So I'm curious, was it as good as I remember, or is it just a nostalgic thing?

                                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                        Haven't had it in probably 20+ years. I appreciate your post as I too would like to try some again.

                                    2. The only place I've had it was at this diner in Northampton, and this was about 10 years ago. I do remember being intrigued by it, I don't remember it being particularly amazing, but to each their own. They definitely called it broasted, so I assume it is the "brand" you are looking for.


                                      1. There was a place on Route 1 in Wells, ME that sold something they called broasted chicken. I don't know if it's still there.

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                                          The Hayloft is gone, sadly. The did have broasted chicken and it was good.

                                        2. Chicken Connection in Haverhill has been doing some very good breasted chicken for the past 20 plus years.
                                          Great stuff!

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                                              1. re: Infomaniac

                                                I knew that, dang those fat fingers on that tiny keyboard.

                                          1. I know exactly which "Broaster fried chicken" you are referring to. We had a small privately owned German butcher shop with a deli in our area for over 30 years that sold it. I can still envision a glass case on the counter with heat lamps and a sign advertising Broaster fried chicken.

                                            The Broaster fried chicken had a very different flavor from virtually all the other's, including KFC, Roy Rogers & Popeye's. It even looked different in terms of color and type of batter. My wife and I loved it.

                                            My local butcher shop that had it has been gone for years. The last place I knew that sold it was Campbell's Seafood in Ocean City NJ. We usually end up south of OC these days but have often thought about making the run north for a couple buckets of it. Just as good cold as hot.

                                            PS: If you Google "Broaster Fried Chicken" the Co may have a locate it near you option.

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                                              Yes! That's my memory. Crazy tasty and nowhere near KFC et al. Wandergirl gave me a link for a store locator and unfortunately, any outlet is 75 miles away from me and the closest seem to be either institutional food service or supermarkets, like Roche Bros. We actually found ourselves in Mashpee today so we decided to "taste test" a piece at Roche Bros and it was blah. No flavor and overcooked dry. But was probably sitting on a steam table for 3-4 hours.

                                              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                Absolutely different taste. Other than delicious, I can't think of words to describe it. Like everyone else, I had eaten my fair share of very good tasty fried chicken over the years but that first bite of Broaster was just so different and so good that if I live to be a 100 I will still remember it. While quite a hump, I am thinking future road trip to OC. (Bucket of Broaster & case of Corona)

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                                                Bongi's has pretty good fried chicken, but I don't believe it's broaster chicken. At least they don't claim as such.

                                                1. re: Posenose

                                                  Posenose....Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

                                                  That's the real deal and Wellesley is close enough to grab a taste next time I'm over the bridge! Thanks!!!

                                                  If anyone else gets there first, please post a report.

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                                                    They used to make the best italian subs around but the ownership seemed to change about 7 or 8 years ago and the sandwiches became usual house-of-pizza fare.

                                                    Never tried the chicken.

                                                    1. Based on the fried chicken thread I tried the Broaster(tm) chicken at Eri's this weekend, very tasty if a bit too salty for my taste. http://www.eriswingsandseafood.com/lo...
                                                      My comments on the chicken here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/3337...

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                                                        Hi I totally agree with you about Eri's being way too salty. It is very moist and has a minimum of spicy flavor but if they reduced the salt it would be ten times better. I think they probably brine the chicken but don't rinse it well after taking it out of the brine.

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                                                          The Broaster Company requires the restaurant to use it's marinades and coating to use the "Broaster" name. It's likely nothing they can do, unless they add salt to the process.

                                                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                            BB Binks in Taunton Ma onRoute 138 had it for years with broasted pototoes too..Later Middleboro opened small place called Three Ps they also made it. But BB Binks was awesome

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                                                          Bob Evans where? This is the Boston board. According to the Bob Evans website there isn't a branded restaurant within 50 miles. Just for grins, I also searched NY, NH, ME, RI, CT, VT, and couldn't find one in any of those states either.

                                                          Edited to note: Broasted chicken is only offered in Cincinnati area locations: http://www.bobevans.com/broastedchicken

                                                          Not much use around here, I guess.

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                                                              Well you had better be! (Just kidding! Appreciate the input!)

                                                        2. Funny, I passed a sign the other day advertising Broaster Chicken.

                                                          I'm not sure of the name, but it's a smallish pizza / corner store / package store. I think it was Bill's. It's on 110 leaving Methuen towards Lowell, so maybe Dracut?

                                                          Found it on Google Maps:


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                                                              I've stopped in there before a few times. They are very busy during lunch, and on Fridays he has fresh haddock sandwiches and plates.
                                                              Very large portions at reasonable prices.
                                                              Kind of old old and run down looking inside, but it's clean, and the owner is friendly.

                                                            2. Not sure if it's new, but there's a broasted half chicken on the menu at the Deluxe (Town/Station) Diner.

                                                              1. I too love Broasted chicken and have been surprised at the locations that I have been able to find this chicken. It's the brining of the chicken before breading that makes a huge difference.
                                                                I have found a place in Greenville Maine, across the street from the 'Black Frog'. (Greenville is a small town so it's easy to find the store.)
                                                                There is a restaurant in PA that sells Broasted chicken. I do not recall where exactly, but it was a resupply town along the A.T.. The only other place I know for sure that makes broasted chicken is the 'Chicken Dip' in Hampshire IL. (it's a farm town 1hr west of Chicago. It has limited its hours to summertime or weekends during the rest of the year.)

                                                                1. Check out Wright's Chicken Farm in Rhode Island...It's a classic!

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                                                                    Do they have broasted chicken? I didn't see it on the menu on their website.