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Oct 13, 2013 11:06 AM

Daisies Cafe

I have sat in Epicerie several times looking across the street at Daisies Café and wondered what goes on there, too lazy to walk across the street and have a first hand look.

I recently ran across it, I believe, on Thrillist and looked them up. Interesting sounding menu and I will try it shortly. In the meantime, have any of you all been there. Rudeboy, isn't this in your chompin' grounds?

Thanks, Joe

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  1. I went there for the first time a few weeks ago. It's cute. I had the chicken shawarma, which was actually better than I expected. Nice fresh-tasting ingredients. The bf had an omelette and really liked it. It's a great little place for what it is. We'll go back.

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    1. re: kosheri

      Yes, it is, singlemalt. I promised to check it out and then completely forgot about it. I'll try and get there. I go the the "Around the Corner Store" all the time, but I approach from N. i keep forgetting about the space there.

      1. re: rudeboy

        Went today with a friend - I also had the chicken shawarma and my friend had the soup and salad combo. Everything was fresh and tasty. My shawarma was filling - the tzatziki sauce was on the side...I used it all. The curry chicken was wrapped with their "fattoush" salad. I had to add a fair amount of salt.....I don't think that she uses very much at all. My companion like the salad a lot (again, fattoush)....she never mentioned the soup and I forgot to ask her if I could try it. We had her 18 month old with us, plus we were gabbing a lot.

    2. hey speaking of chompin grounds, how is Epicerie? We've not been.

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      1. re: slowcoooked

        i love that place but it gets packed at lunch. best bet is off times otherwise it can be really loud. another negative is that it is counter service.

        The food is super high quality for the price and it is the only place i know of in town that carries rancho gordo beans.

        1. re: ieathereforeiam

          saw Rancho Gordo beans at Zingers a few months back

      2. I posted on it a while back. I wasn't very impressed.

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        1. re: amysuehere

          Thanks, I should have "searched" it first. I vaguely remember your review. Always trusted your palette.

          1. re: singlemalt

            She is good at picking colors! ;-)

            1. re: rudeboy

              Yes, she has good taste in colors as well. ( You got me there, me 0, you 1.)

              1. re: singlemalt

                You will defeat me eventually! I'll find us a bowl of Caldo de Res somewhere in the hood - I live off Burnet S of Koenig.

                1. re: rudeboy

                  I know Taqueria Arandas had a pretty authentic looking caldo de res, but honestly haven't tried it myself. I go for the cheap fajita burrito smothered in their table salsas. With a beer, it's a whopping $6!

                2. re: singlemalt

                  I have been told I have a colorful personality as well.

                  All this off-color remarks have got to stop.