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Oct 13, 2013 10:38 AM

Consolidated List of Wineries and Restaurants in Umbria

Hi Everyone - Thanks for all the recommendations for my upcoming visit. I consolidated many of the suggestions on eateries/wineries below.. please let me know if any should be added or removed:

Osteria del Teatro - Foligno
Da Richetta - Visso
Enoteca Piazza Onofri – bevagna
Antiche Sere – bevagna
Osteria Tagliavento
L’Alchimista - montefalco
Le Casaline near Poreta
Antica Osteria della Valle - Todi
Assisi - La Stalla
Campello sul Clitunno - Ristorante Parco del Clitunno
Cannara - Perbacco Vini e Cucina
Collepino - La Taverna San Silvestro
Foligno - Villa Roncalli
Perugia - Osteria a Priori
Perugia - Osteria del Bartolo
Perugia - Sandri Pasticceria
Spello - Osteria de Dada'
Trattoria di Oskar – Bevagna

Paolo Bea and Adanti vineyards
Poggio Turri
Arnaldo Caprai
Wine Tour with Gusto Wine Tours

Thanks again!

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  1. I believe Sandri is closed for good. Walked by it today and it sure seemed like it (from what liitie Italian I could read on the notice on the closed gate).
    On the other hand, we just had lunch at a Priori today and it was very good. The tagliatelle with black truffles was exceptional, as was the housemade torta for dessert.