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Rodney's Oyster House Yaletown

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Stopped in for dinner one night a few weeks ago. Place is an easy one block walk from the Yaletown/Roundhouse station of the Canada Line. If you've ever been to Boston's Durgin Park you'll have a Deja Vu flashback when you walk in the place. In appearance and atmosphere, its quite similar. I had some of the best oysters of the entire visit here and the guys opening the bivalves are friendly and very knowledgeable about the oysters. The other fave dish served here is the Slapjack chowder. They make it up right at the bar in steam jacketed bowls kind of like they do at the oyster bar in Grand Central Terminal in NYC. Four oysters are opened up right in front of you and slipped into the chowder, so you KNOW they're fresh. Great place, if you like oysters and a friendly atmosphere don't pass this place up.

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  1. I have only been to the one in Toronto and I agree that their oysters are fresh and delicious. We tried their salmon candy and loved it! It was different and would never have ordered it if it had not been recommended to us.