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Oct 13, 2013 09:46 AM

(new ownership) China Chef in Troy, MI [DTW]

A couple years ago DonBui posted about the Chinese/Vietnamese place on Rochester at Long Lake (NE corner), named China Chef. Since then, it has changed hands and is now strictly Chinese. The new chef was trained in Guangzhou I believe, and he has cooked at the well known Hong Hua on Orchard Lake for many years.

With the new authentic Cantonese menu, this place has really become popular among the many Chinese residents in Troy. It still is a small dive with six or seven tables and dodgy bathrooms, but it's nice to have another option for reasonably healthy, non-Americanized Cantonese food…even though I admit to sometimes actually preferring the Americanized versions.

I had the House Special Stir Fry (no further description on menu), which was different from what I was anticipating. It mostly was beansprouts, vegetable stems and peanuts, with an extremely light sauce (not a thick gravy). The kicker was that it was flavored with deep fried preserved fish larvae, which were interesting in a nasty way. I had to ask for chili oil as well as a ginger relish so as to mask the funk a bit. I might not order this again, but I did have the leftovers for breakfast today, so I guess I liked it.

I also had the ginger-onion steamed chicken, which was excellent! (will try to upload pic). If you are looking for a big change of pace from Pei Wei, Takee Outee and China King Express, then give some takeout from China Chef a whirl.

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  1. Sounds like a mixed bag to me. That first dish you've described? That sounds positively *awful* to me, from the ingredients down to the light sauce. I can almost guarantee you that if that was my first experience with the place, it'd be my last. It sounds like the kitchen's just using garbage from other dishes, throwing it together, and calling it a dish. No thanks.

    The ginger-onion steamed chicken sounds far, far more promising.

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      ITA about the fish larvae dish...the chicken pic looks good though. Was hoping for other options in Troy for Chinese. Kim's is execrable and East Lake seems to be hit or miss.

    2. Interesting. Wonder how it compares to Chao Zhou?