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Oct 13, 2013 08:28 AM

staying at orlando hilton have car willing to travel

will be there for 2 nights looking for great food $ or distance not an issue

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  1. Check out The Pharmacy on Sand Lake, it's a speak easy slightly hidden, pretty close by, local food

    what type of food do you like?
    check this special tasting menu going on this month at the Waldorf Astoria at Bull and Bear that is worth a try if money is not an issue

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    1. re: TastyChomps

      we like everything though we have geat sushi in new york

    2. If distance is not an issue I would skip the pharmacy, as they have gone downhill.

      I would head to Winter Park and try Luma (my fave), Prato, Ravenous Pig, or Cask and Larder, in that order.