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OU-D Picks

For somebody who has recently stopped eating Chalav Yisrael, what are your recommendations for great products? Can be anything!

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  1. Start with high quality ice cream. Haagen daz, Ben and Jerry's, or other small brands.

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          The rest of my post disappeared.

          We like ciao Bella gelato.

          PollyO string cheeses, fresh mozzarella, ricotta.
          I buy the string cheese from target. They're the only store that has the flavors with an OUd. Tomato basil, jalepeno, cracked black pepper. Mozzarella is packed in water- I buy from Costco

          Oh and cheez its!

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            talenti gelato- peanut butter and banana- you will need no other frozen dessert ever

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              which target do you shop at- i havent seen ti around here

              1. re: shoelace

                Brooklyn. The one near Brooklyn college. It sells out really quickly. I've seen people buy all the packs that are displayed

          1. Camembert, brie, cheddar, fresh mozzarella...

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              What brands of these cheeses have a reliable certification? And where do you get them??

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                Cappiello, The Cheese Guy (on many of the cheeses), Les Petites Fermieres (same brand as Natural and Kosher and I think one other), as well as a number of European cheeses. If you're in NYC, then Pomegranate will have just about everything, Zabars has a good selection, Fairway is ok (especially the Harlem one), or Kosher Marketplace, though most of their stuff is at Zabars and is cheaper there as well.

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                  What MasterRalph said. For someone who has kept cholov yisrael, it's a whole new world to explore. But the fact it that good cheese is a pretty recent world for the kosher community as a whole. But Jews have not been particularly eager to seek out good cheese. Brands come and go, stores briefly have an interesting Israeli or European cheese, then stop stocking it. I think that exposure to or excitement about cheese might increase demand, but until there is demand, good cheese can be hard to find, especially in smaller cities.

            2. Entenmanns and Pringles. Not together.

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                Together sounds good to me . . . I'm a salty-sweet kind of gal!

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                  Are you familiar with my friend, the 'Take Five' bar?

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                    Yes, though surprisingly, I'm not as taken with it as with other salty-sweet things.

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                      Lucky you. There are some days I can almost hear them calling to me from the Duane Reade across from my office. Peanut butter M&Ms often join in.

              2. There's a whole world of Milchige cookies and crackers under that supervision.
                I especially like the fancy crackers with fine cheeses that are stam kosher.

                BTW>>>have you really stopped eating Chalav Yisrael? or are you now willing to also consume 'regular' kosher dairy products?

                I ask, because while I personally see no requirement to eat glatt meat I wouldn't refuse to eat kosher meat because it was glatt.

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                1. re: bagelman01

                  Is there anyone who would actually REFUSE to eat chalav yisrael and insist on chalav stam? Why would anyone do that?

                  1. re: queenscook

                    Magnum ice cream bars.

                    Heath bars. Reese's peanut hutter cups.

                    Philadelphia cream cheese. That might be OK but its not chalov yisroel.

                    Pepperidge gar cookies. Those Scottish shortbread in the red box. Walkers, I think.

                    Tasty Kake and now Drakes, too. On the East coast.

                    Snickers bars. Mmmm

                    Not to say that there aren't some fantastic CY products too. But the above are my picks for regular.

                    1. re: Miri1

                      There are CY Magnum ice cream bars, for those interested.

                    2. re: queenscook

                      Possibly for political reasons.....
                      I know some MO who won't eat anything under BADATZ supervision.

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                        I wouldn't refuse to eat it but if given two products that otherwise appeared to be identical, I'd probably pick the non-CY product. I've had some bad experiences with CY more often than not (usually the "heimishe" brands), so I do carry a bit of bias against them. Also, a friend of mine stopped buying only CY milk because she found it went bad much sooner. It never made it to its' sell-by date. There are a few exceptions for many Israeli cheeses, The Cheese Guy and a few others but I've been burned too many times.

                        1. re: CloggieGirl

                          Yes, I actually agree with what you say here, but I was picturing someone going to a kosher pizza place and asking something like, "Is this chalav stam, because I don't eat chalav yisrael."

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                            I agree with CloggieGirl about the lower quality of most domestic (USA) CY products and their short shelf life.

                            My comment above comparing it to someone who doesn't eat Badatz supervised items was to showcase the politicization of the kashrut business.

                            I could understand asking in an US pizza place if it was chalav stam and not ordering if it was CY because of poor quality cheese and then ordering a falafel or salad instead.

                            1. re: bagelman01

                              If you're ordering falafel at a pizza place I'd be more concerned about the falafel quality than cy cheese quality.

                              1. re: avitrek

                                I didn't say I would be this person....
                                #1 I have my own outdoor woodfired pizza oven and wouldn't be ordering pizza in such a place
                                #2 It would likely be one of my daughters who detest most kosher pizza shop cheese But love fried anything with hot sauce. Definitely not chowhounds.

                          2. re: CloggieGirl

                            I got a good laugh when I read this. My mother (who doesn't even keep kosher) prefers our local chalav yisroel milk because it keeps better (the brand is not available in NY, and I have heard that the NY chalav yiroel milk does go bad quicker).

                            If you keep gluten free then it is MUCH easier if you don't keep CY since so much is only available chalav stam. Although there are several wafer cookies that come from Canada under the Glutino brand that are CY (I actually think they are repackaged from Israel). Keeping kosher already restricts what is available and keeping CY just makes the selection even smaller plus I cannot use oats so that further limits my choices since it is becoming popular to use the gluten free oats in a lot of products. Unfortunately the companies in Israel are not willing to export to the US at this time so the excellent breads, puff pastry, ravioli, jachnun, borekas, etc can only be gotten in Israel. Fortunately, I have successfully been bringing back rolls for shabbos, pita & puff pastry.

                      2. Chocolate! Fairway/Lake Champlain, Ghiradelli.

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                          I'm not a huge fan, but a lot of people love Godiva chocolate.

                          I'm adding a Whatchamacalit bar by Hershey. Haven't had one in many years and picked one up kast night. Its thinner than it used to be, but it was delicioys! Peanut butter, caramel, wafers, chocolate...or maybe I was just hungry! :)

                        2. Your life will improve dramatically because you will have many more things available to you.

                          Now, in honesty, much of our kosher cheese is only CY because it wouldn't make much sense for companies to do otherwise. The Haredi and Hasidic communities are rapidly increasing and representing a greater share of the kosher market. Nonetheless, I find cheese made by The Cheese Guy to be excellent.

                          As far as chalav stam items, any chocolate- Reese's, Snickers, Butterfingers, Oreos (which a study says are as addictive as cocaine), Chips Ahoy, Entenmann's cakes, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Carvel, the world is your oyster now.