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Oct 13, 2013 04:25 AM

Fish & Game (Hudson)

SO went to Fish & Game. He had the tasting menu (farms and artisans were listed and "dietary restrictions may not be accomodated") :

Wild Belon Oyster
turnip, potato, horseradish

plum jam, brioche butter

clams, carrots

lovage, pork

cardoon, wild mushrooms

turmeric, potatoes

ginger, milk

Pain Au Chocolat

He said it was one of his 10 "best meals". Kept raving about the cauliflower.

They left satisfied and full. Tasting menu is $75. Wine pairings are an additional $75.

Another thread re: Fish & Game, etc.:

PS Does anyone know if they accommodate dietary restrictions if you call ahead? If not, might not work for me and many other diners.

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  1. Anyone been recently?

    Been reading Trip Advisor and Alan Richman's January 2014 reviews in GQ.

    I will finally be going to Fish & Game so I hope bob gaj's comments (see thread above) still hold true.

    I will report back.

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    1. re: financialdistrictresident

      I haven't been, but live part-time near Hudson, and I get very conflicting reports from people I know who have tried it, ranging from wonderful to terrible. I can tell you though, that based on the experience of a friend who has dietary restrictions, they will not accommodate and will not take any responsibility for neglecting to tell you that a dish contains an ingredient you have told them you can't eat.

      I'm feeling tempted to try it, based on the good reports, and ignoring the bad ones, but still not quite compelled. I will eagerly await your report.

    2. still solid, will try and post more in the other thread in a couple days. went 4 months ago, ate at bar, still great.

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      1. Reminded me of Chef Jason Baker (15 Church, The Wine Bar on Lark, etc.)and SO of the early days of Degustation. The quality and local sourcing, attention to detail and passion for the food. A flawless experience. SO had been before, it was my first time at Fish & Game.

        Will report more details soon . . .