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Oct 12, 2013 10:47 PM

Raw Oysters in HK?

Craving oysters-- any great spots in Hong Kong?

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  1. Lots flown in and in the high end supermarkets like CitySuper, there are also a few specialist oyster bars and restaurants (Sheraton in TST is one and a new one on Bridges St in Soho) but I haven't tried them, most of the big hotel buffets will also have them in their seafood sections. Not certain anyone eats local oysters as they are best from a cold climate.

    1. PhilD summed it up pretty nicely. Also, depending on where you live, Hillwood road on Kowloon side just off Nathan Road has a few interesting oyster bars.
      However, for me, my preference is to make my selection and purchase at City Super. Ask them to shuck them for you. That way, it'll guarantee all your purchases are in fine form. Since they will replace the bad ones in the premise! Last time I was there, selection was most impressive! They have the biggest of the Belons ( 0000 )and Fines de Claire from France, Malpeques and Colville Bay from Canada's East coast, Virginicas and Kumamoto from the west coast, Blue Points from New York, Glidden Points from Maine, Coffin Bay from down under and even some unfamiliar ones from South Africa!! Of course there are also Japanese ones. But, I'm not too familiar with their names except one from Hiroshima.
      For sit down dining, Sheraton is my favorite. Not just the oysters but the nice view and the well prepared seafood/fish dishes as well! Their wine by the glass selection is pretty good too!

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        How's the freshness at City Super? many years ago I was looking at oysters there. Lots of them with shells open and motionless when touched. are they fresher now?

      2. Open Oyster
        Tucked away behind a nondescript commercial building in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Open Oyster is truly one of the best kept secrets in town. A smattering of alfresco seating out front and the shelves of wine bottles near the back give off a charming European vibe. Baskets of fresh oysters sit prettily over ice in the small display windows for diners to ogle. The fresh oysters go for a fraction of the price at hotel-level restaurants and there’s also a discounted price if you order your oysters with wine. Shop 56, G/F, Southseas Centre, 75 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2366 3808. Tell them OInews sent you.

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          Is this the one diagonally across from the Hotel Icon? Walked passed it, looked interesting!

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            Hotel Icon is No.17 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China