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Oct 12, 2013 06:35 PM

Great Lunch deal in SF

Looking for a killer lunch deal. Something that is somewhat indicative of the SF food scene. A great example would be Restaurant August's $20 for 3 course in NOLA. I'm not opposed to spending upwards of $50 pp exclusive of wine/tax/tip, but if you have something that fits the bill, and is cheaper, I'm all ears. I would prefer something that's laid back enough that jeans are acceptable. Thanks

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  1. None of the great high-end restaurants and few of the great midrange places are open for lunch. It's not a city where you can try all the best places on a budget by going at lunch.

    Best places that are open for lunch include Zuni, A16, Perbacco, and Cotogna.

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      Here's my post on the $24 3-course lunch at Cotogna in the spring. It's not much of a discount vs ordering ala carte. Delicious nonetheless.

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        thanks melanie, that might be the ticket! I like that we can supplement more pastas if we wish.

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      1. The "Business Deal" lunch at One Market is a good deal for something like $25 and includes an app and entree (add $4-5 for dessert option).

        While not a "deal" per se, I think the burger at Spruce is pretty damn good for something like $15 (comes with fries too).

        1. You can do lunch at Boulevard, but menu is quite limited and not the same as dinner.

          Nopa has a brunch menu on weekends that's pretty killer. If you don't go in without a reservation, expect up to 1-2 hour wait, unless you eat at the bar.

          I'll second the Cotogna recommendation. I haven't been there for lunch, but dinner is usually great.

          Otherwise, like previous poster mentioned, SF isn't a great city for fine dining lunches. There's plenty of food truck and less-expensive options available.

          If you want best dim sum, venture out to Daly City at Koi Palace or Outer Richmond at Hong Kong Lounge

          BTW, majority of fine dining restaurants are pretty relaxed about dress code. If you wear a nicer pair of dark jeans and a button-up, it's pretty acceptable and normal fare.

          1. I consistently take people to Piperade for just the type of lunch you are looking for -- ordering only off the appetizer/starter menu and saving room for dessert, you will be pleasantly surprised and delighted!

            I seem to always order the garlic soup, the mushroom tartlet, stuffed piquilo pepper, and one of the seafood options (I waffle between the crab and herring).

            And the warm apple tart is divine as are the beignets.