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Oct 12, 2013 06:24 PM

Best TC Russian Deli?

I miss Kiev Deli in St. Paul (and the SF Russian delis of my college days)! I'm familiar with the Polish delis in Minneapolis, but wonder if Chowhounds here have recs for other Russian delis that make/serve food. Extra points if they have Latvian cottage cheese/sour cream!

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  1. I like the Ukraine Deli off Foley Blvd in Coon Rapids/Anoka. It's in the same area as Sammy's Pizza.

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    1. re: shoo bee doo

      Thanks! I haven't been there in several years. What do you recommend there?

      1. re: teamkitty

        I'm not a real expert in Russian food, but they have a lot of savory stuffed pastry type things and bakery items. On my last visit, I bought some of their bread, sour cherry jam, liquor-filled chocolates. Oh, and I bought some unpasturized kefir. I've been meaning to explore more because I have a special interest in eastern European food.

        1. re: teamkitty

          Tell me more about Latvian cottage cheese/sour cream.

      2. I've only been there once, and it was a long time ago, but here's a lead:

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          Yes, this is a very good deli with a great variety of things. You used to or still can see a sign from Highway 169 that says German Bread. That's what lured me there and they do have wonderful breads.

          1. re: shoo bee doo

            I've also gotten their bread and can generally find the Russian specifics I need there. I will add though that they do not serve 'food' - you won't find the salads that I yearn for and instantly grab upon hitting up the Brookline area in Boston.

            How about Euro Gourmet -
            8032 Minnetonka Blvd, St Louis Park, MN 55426

            1. re: eastlakovore

              Grr. I just lost my long response. We went to the Ukraine Deli today. It was a good-average deli. There were housemade beet, carrot and cabbage salads and blinchiki. The freezer had some homemade pelmeni and blintzes. Sandwiches are also on offer with standard sorts of sausages - Estonian, cervelat, everskii (beef), and others. Good selection of teas and sweets - and quite a range of Russian homeopathic and over-the-counter medicines. The best thing was - indeed - the bread. The proprietress told us that the dough is sent from Germany and baked fresh there. The sour rye was outstanding - lighter color than the Russian variant, but correct sour flavor.
              The dairy selection was not impressive: mostly Lifeway kefir, smetana, some frozen tvorog from Chicago and two kinds of Lithuanian cheeses which the owner incorrectly identified as Latvian. Ok selection of pickled vegetables - lots of cucumbers (including a housemade variety) - not so many mushrooms or other veggies. The deli makes cakes to order and rents an impressive embossed metal cake stand as well. Hours on Sunday from 1:00 pm -6:00 pm. They also sell berzu sula - birch sap/juice!

              1. re: teamkitty

                I'm disappointed you rate this deli as only good/average. I've enjoyed the little blintzes I brought home. I thought they had quite a variety of things. I'm sorry you were not able to find your Latvian cream.

                I had gone to Kiev foods a number of time. I've gotten some nice cheese and salmon eggs there. I never tried any of their dishes or other foods. But I often felt the variety wasn't as good as the Ukraine Deli.

                Granted, I don't know much about Russian food and want to explore it further. I like reading about the things you know.

                1. re: shoo bee doo

                  It was definitely worth a visit, don't get me wrong. The bread was excellent and it was a representative selection of Russian and Ukrainian foodstuffs. I did not try the frozen blintzes - they looked a bit dry and malformed to me. The pelmeni were very nicely made - small and well-shaped.

          2. re: Danny

            I went to the Arkadys Market last week on my way home from an appointment. I bought some good German bread from Germany. They also bake their own German bread. I'm wondering now if they get the dough from Germany as stated by teamkitty in her post today.

            One thing I was very pleased with was their live kvass. It was not too sweet and very refreshing. A while back I tried a non-live kvass and it was too much like soda pop. This live kvass was made in Canada. Here's a link:


            I'm also enjoying their half sour pickles. I also bought some Teebrunn hibiscus and rose hip tea and some sauerkraut. I was disappointed the kraut had vinegar. I thought I had read the label and that it was a ferment.

            It's important to check the Lifeway kefir. Sometimes it says pasturized or the word is not there. When it's not there I buy it. There's also a kosher version where they use carrageen instead of gelatin to thicken it.

            teamkitty, I'm curious to see what you think of this market.

            1. re: shoo bee doo

              I just discovered that the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) reviewed this All Star Bakery kvass from Toronto. See here.


              No wonder it is so delicious.

              1. re: shoo bee doo

                We will have to check it out! I am looking for salted pickles - brine with no vinegar or spices. These are eaten with smetana and honey. Sounds weird, but is delicious!

            2. There's also European Delicacies at:

              11044 Cedar Lake Road
              Hopkins, MN 55305

              The bus loads of Russian ladies who frequent this place sure do seem to like it.

              1. Thanks, all! RE: the Latvian dairy products - I like the high fat content and the clean aftertaste.

                1. Thanks for the tip about Arkady's! Much better selection of canned goods, including a good kosher section. There were also more types of German breads - baked there - as well as Ukrainian and Lithuanian breads. Also fresh pirogues - we had the beef and a kraut one each, and quite a tasty apple cake, which was not overly sweet. Again, a large selection of non-food medicine items, including homeopathic things. Very friendly staff, run by the same family for 20 years. Lithuanian ice cream and frozen cream cheese bars (tastier than they sound!) but no Latvian dairy prods.