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Oct 12, 2013 06:15 PM

Dry Dock, Longboat Key

DH and I just had a magnificent meal at the Dry Dock restaurant on Longboat Key, Florida. I had shrimp & linguini with garlic/olive oil sauce. I asked for some added red pepper for a little heat. It was perfect. Just the right amount of heat for maximum enjoyment and hot enough that my DH, who is a wimp when in comes to spice, did not want me to share!

DH got the Chilean Sea Bass. The portion was generous, it was grilled to perfection. He said it was the best fish dinner he has ever had.

We ate on the patio overlooking the bay and really enjoyed a beautiful Florida evening.

The Dry Dock is a little hard to find. The entrance is right off Gulf of Mexico Drive, with only a small sign. But its well worth looking for!

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  1. I believe they are closed for remodeling and will reopen soon.
    They are enlarging. They run a great operation, and are very busy in season.

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      Dry Dock reopened 11 October 2013, food is as good as ever!!!!