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Oct 12, 2013 05:17 PM

Brooklyn Beet Company

I just had quite possibly the best burger that I have had in a long time. A place that was new to me called the Brooklyn Beet Company on 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge. They happen to be on the same block as Burger Bistro ( which was where we were heading). Came with cheese and not over cooked bacon- the way I like it but my DH will order it well next time. Meat was funky enough to taste like meat. Yahoo...Comes encased in a bread which my DH loved. My one complaint was that they did not upsell me to chips. Assumed that they came with since they didn't mention them. Didn't love the salads. Drinks looked great. No question will work my way through this menu- maybe even starting with brunch. Curious about the beet burger- ie the veggie burger. Music was a little young for our taste ( sounded a bit WKTU) but it didn't seem to bother everyone else. Seating is semi communal.

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  1. The notion of "farm to table comfort food" with strong Czech influence was certainly confusing at first, but we had a great time on our first visit for dinner.

    I had Apple-Potato latkes with carrots and a delicious creme fraiche on top, my wife had the spaetzle w/ duck, and together with some appetizers and a bottle of tocai it was a blast, our best dining experience in Brooklyn in quite a while.

    1. Sounds like a place where the Beet Goes On.

      1. The beet burger's ... very beety. It benefits from some of the hot sauce and beet ketchup that's served on the side. The texture's a bit monotonously soft, though the fried bread's nice. A generous amount of slaw and salad comes on the plate.