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Coconut cake

Any recommendations for a good coconut cake? Thanks.

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  1. I like the coconut cake at CAKE on Reynard Way in Mission Hills. However, call ahead because it may be available by special order only.

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        Walking distance.

        Please report back.

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          Not really a fan of CAKE's coconut cake. It didn't have much coconut taste to it. Their sponge is really dense and the way they do their buttercream frosting is overly rich. It all leads to a feeling that it will coat the inside of your stomach like spackle for days.

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            Yes, the buttercream is rich. I'm not a big frosting person so I usually ask for light icing.

        2. It's not quite traditional, but I really like the key lime coconut cake at Twiggs Bakery.

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            Is it more key lime than coconut?

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              It's a white layer cake with key lime curd filling (there may be some coconut in there too), frosted with vanilla buttercream (I think) and covered in shredded coconut. I think of it as a coconut cake with a key lime twist.

          2. When is coconut season, anyway?

            1. A place opened up sort of near me called "Kona Cakes" located on Linda Vista Road in the same strip mall as Ballast Point/Homebrew Mart (near Morena Blvd). She specializes in coconut and macadamia nut "island" cakes. I was able to try a sample awhile back and it was delicious.

              (she also serves hawaiian plate lunches during the afternoons!)

              *edit* here is the website...not sure she makes just coconut cakes, most of them have several additions, can't hurt to ask


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                They would kill it if they added the beloved malasadas to their menu..


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                    It's odd that they've really never migrated off the islands (outside of periodic festivals and Fat Tuesday celebrations).

                    But if BC wants to drive up the coast ...

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                      Thanks sista..
                      Driving up to HB is worth it for the hot malasadas..
                      How fitting the street they are located on is 'Bolsa chica'.. ; )

                      BTW..there is a strong presence of Portuguese in SD..why isn't someone in SD frying up these bad boys?

              2. Tender Greens has a nice coconut cake in their Dessert Special of the Day rotation. No spins; just a well-made traditional cake.

                1. Reporting back.

                  Ended up getting the coconut cake (more a sheet than a cake) at the new Jimbo's in Horton plaza.

                  Not bad, good coconut flavor even though it was a bit dry. Also, vegan if you're into that kind of thing (I'm not).

                  As an aside the new Jimbo's is a nice add to DTSD.

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                    Yeah! Didn't realize Jimbo's already opened.

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                      It was pretty empty, and sort of sad looking.

                      But the layout is very nice. There's also a wok and burrito bar (i.e., make your own stir-fry or burrito a la those Mongolian bbq type set ups)

                      That said, it does have a weird, over-similarity to Whole Foods (esp. the layout when compared to the La Jolla WF)

                    2. Cupcakes Squared out on Voltaire in the Loma Portal/OB area does a coconut lime cake that is pretty good. Same shopping center as Major Market.

                      They had something of a rocky start when they first opened, but once they hit stride, they've been pretty consistent and very good. They do the tropical flavors very well.