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Oct 12, 2013 03:17 PM

June Lake Loop

This is our 1st trip back since 2007.

This isn't an area of fine dining or gourmet food, as other threads have stated. But having had a lot of mediocre to bad food throughout the years, we've had a couple of pleasant surprises so far this trip.

The menu at the Tiger Bar/Cafe advertises homemade pie. I gave it a try with low hopes & it was excellent. Tried the cherry & the peach over 2 days. The crust was perfect. Nice & flaky, not gluey or soggy. The cherry pie was a nice mix of tart & sweet, & the peach pie had nice chucks of fruit. I'm usually disappointed by pie - my mom sets the bar high - but I will be remembering this pie fondly, the cherry in particular.

I will be interested in trying the made-from-scratch Bloody Mary if we return there this trip.

Also had lunch at the Silver Lake Resort, again with lower expectations. I had a grilled turkey, pepper jack, & jalapeno sandwich on sliced sourdough with fries. It was very good, as grill/cafe food goes. Hot off the grill & quite tasty. Paired it with a Real McCoy from Mammoth Brewing Co. & I was one very happy customer. We heard from some other customers that this is the last weekend before they close for the winter.

Again, this isn't gourmet food, but since I'm always happy when my food doesn't land in the mediocre to bad category on trips such as this (as the restaurant at the Double Eagle has, more than once, in past years), I thought I would post.

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  1. Thanks for filing your report. It's going to help many other future travelers. It would be great if others would post right after a trip, as you have.

    And now I'm thinking about where I can get a good piece of pie closer to home . . .

    1. Sad thing is how easy it is to make a great tuna melt anywhere: make a savory tuna filling, spread it on good bread, lay on a cheese slice and run it under a toaster oven broiler for a few minutes. There should be good cafe food ...everywhere. Good to get your report about good hot sandwiches in this area.

      1. Well, visited the Tiger Bar a second time. The food was OK both times. Not bad but not noteworthy, either. They have Mammoth Brewing Co's Real McCoy on tap, though, & we enjoyed that both visits. Had the cherry pie again. It wasn't nearly as good this time & I asked the waitress who made them. Turns out they are not made in-house, despite the menu claim. The pie was very good the 1st go around, but not so much the 2nd (days later). I'm not a big fan of misleading menu descriptions, so I wanted to post an update on that. I'm a bit embarrassed to have been fooled, but darn, it was good that 1st day & the crust was indeed flaky. Ah, well.

        I wasn't in the mood for a Bloody Mary, so I passed. I wonder, though, how "from scratch" it is given the misleading pie description.

        Bridgeport Inn - we had burgers, which is what I recall we had last time we were there, sometime in 2006 or earlier. The menu is pretty limited. Nothing to write home about, unfortunately, but it was OK. That they serve Kraft mac & cheese for kids gave me a smile (and label it on the menu as such). Our kids are pretty good eaters but they have yet to appreciate gourmet mac & cheese. Keeping it simple & recognizable for the kids is a smart move. For me, the food & service fall quite a bit short of what seems promised in print.

        Whoa Nellie Deli - had lunch there before heading back over the pass. Ordered pizza & the kids had hot chocolate. The pizza was a bit sweet for my taste - sauce & crust. Again, it was perfectly fine but nothing out of the ordinary. They are closing later this month. Only open 6 months a year. Dh chatted with the workers a bit & the gov't shutdown is definitely hurting business, as they rely on visitors coming over Tioga Pass.

        Had we eaten dinner out, there were some other restaurants I would have liked to try, but we were only doing lunches & had to make do based on what we were doing during the day. I'm still curious about how the Mono Inn is now, but it is only open for dinner.

        So that's my brief report. Nothing outstanding, but nothing truly bad, either. (And as previously noted, visiting this area is not about the food.)