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Oct 12, 2013 02:48 PM

The Fish Store in Victoria caution

Had fresh Dungeness crab here a couple weeks ago. It was quite good and fresh but I have a warning. They seem to have a bit of a minor scam going on here. If they offer to crack your crab for you don't let them. Just get the whole crab and do it yourself. I thought it was kind of strange they made this offer since when ever I have had this at other locales no such offer was made, you get the whole crab no questions asked. I opted for having them do the work. Well, you pay a price, all you get are the legs, they keep the body meat. Surely when you do the work yourself you get the entire thing, why not when they offer to crack it for you? So if you eat here, make sure you get them to give you the entire crab. At the price you pay for this you are entitled to the whole thing.

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  1. That's Super Sleazy-never heard of anything like that in BC.

    1. IMO there's more meat in the body than in the legs.....or pretty close to it.
      Granted this vid isn't of a Dungeness crab but notice how much meat is located within the body. Same with Dungeness crabs.