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Oct 12, 2013 02:42 PM

Surv Kitchen & Lounge ~ Manalapan

I must say, the pics of the food look incredible!! I know many of you are a fan of the head Chef. Has anyone been here yet?

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  1. I have plans on going Thurs, I will be sure to report.

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      Thanks jrvedivici!!! I trust your opinions! :)

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Food looks good but the dining room looks awfully dark. Wonder if they may find blue lighting is not the best for showcasing food like Joe & Maggie did shortly after opening
        (when they had blue lighting in that little nook under the stairs).

        1. Alright well as promised I made my plans to come here last night, told my guest about the "hot new" spot with the awesome chef etc.

          Upon arrival I realized I knew this location. It. Use to be a BYO called Michaels, if memory serves me correctly, and it enjoyed much success. It was family style so once Nonnas opened it affected his business and I guess that's when Mark Joseph took over.

          So we got there at 7:00pm highly anticipating the experience, the parking lot was fairly empty as we walked in the hostess and a large sign which read "The Lounge is under construction and is. Closed"greeted us. I questioned the hostess, Tge bar is closed? No drinks?" She responded yes only the dining room is open, we turned around and left. As we were turning to leave she then asked me "Were you THE reservation?" To which I politely said no.

          On thursday night I don't think there were any other tables in the place and they had 1 reservation it seemed, that's not a good sign. I don't know what the story with the liquor license is, but it's hard to be a lounge without one.

          Went back to Osteria in Marlboro, it was good again.

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            So, just let me get it right. You have a chance to be the sole patron of a really talented chef, but decide to leave because they can't serve you booze? As you know, I'm an old school, Bukowski, "I will gladly pay you Thurday for a tequila today" kinda drunk. Next time this happens, should you ever be so lucky, go pick up a couple bottle of wines, half a pint of vodka, and return. Keep the vodka in your pocket and draw from it when nobody's looking, while you take advantage of the temporary BYO status. Oh, and arrange for a ride home.*

            *I'm legally obligated as an Officer of the Court to suggest such things.

            1. re: MGZ

              Sad up say but yes. The person I was with is a sit at the bar, tell war stories kinda guy. Sitting alone in the restaurant at a table wouldn't have been to his liking. There will be a next time.

              1. re: jrvedivici

                Sad up*? Sorry was suppose to say "Sad to say", I hate posting from my cell phone.

                Anyway, does anyone know what the story is with the liquor license?

            1. re: Bossa_Nova

              With those prices, the food better be pretty spectacular: $34 for scallops, $35 for halibut, $36 for tuna? Hmmm....don't think I'm running here any time soon.

              1. re: sockster

                They are way out of line for a strip mall on Route 9- Good luck to them, but I won't be eating there for those prices either! They will never develop a "regular" crowd.