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Oct 12, 2013 02:21 PM

Casual but special dinner for anniversary

Hi folks - DH and I will be spending our first full day (of 2) in Paris on our anniversary, and I've been poring over CH and other online resources (David Lebovitz's blog, Paris by Mouth, etc.) to find some suitable ideas for lunch and dinner. We are staying near the Victor Hugo metro, and it's DH's first time in Paris (my 2nd). We want to keep the visit low-key - we are going to focus on exploring, eating, relaxing.

I figured we will focus on the Eiffel Tower/L'Arc de Triomphe/Champs-Elysees/Seine-boat-ride-type touristy stuff the first day, and picnic in the park/eat ice cream/wine and cheese/pastries/bread in the Latin Quarter-type stuff the second day.

Having said that, we both enjoy good food, and want to have a memorable lunch or dinner that first day. Ideas I have so far are Cafe Constant (or its siblings like Le Violon d'Ingres, or Les Fables de la Fontaine), Le CasseNoix, Le Fontaine de Mars, Chez L'Aim Jean. I'm looking for great food (classic bistro or "neo-bistro" with more vegetables), cozy atmosphere (lively is good, deafening not so good), not overly fussy. (Would love to go to Le Cinq for lunch but it's not DH's ideal for a good time.)

Suggestions for what we might like, for folks with only 6 meals in Paris (less if one is particularly large.) Thanks in advance!

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  1. Maceo in the 1er (behind the Palais Royale) is an historic space with an airy feel and always 3 prix fixe menus - one vegetarian. Of course, you can also order a la carte if you like. We like to go there for celebration meals.

    1. It's been over a week and you've had one reply; I suspect it's because we're suffering from recommendation fatigue soon to be listed in DSM 6.
      Have you done a little searching for special meals, anniversaries, etc; that might provoke more replies.

      1. Oh OK.
        Casual but special:
        Sergent Recruteur, Les Enfants Rouges, Les Premices
        More formal but special:
        Les Tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos, 110 Taillevent, Les Climats